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A Tumbler of Your Daily Life – Making the Most Out of Journaling

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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With all the accessible forms of communication these days, it’s easy to dismiss the pleasure of setting time aside in our day to collect our thoughts and write them down. Whether via the old-fashioned pen and paper or through electronic devices, it is a great idea that can make you feel good. Oftentimes, we feel that since we spend most of our day talking, texting, emailing, private messaging, and maybe even snapchatting, there’s really no use for maintaining a journal.

However, we shouldn’t underestimate the advantages of gathering our day-to-day experiences and putting them into writing. It helps relieve stress and enhances your writing skills. Here are tips to maximize journaling amid this busy world:

Choose the medium that feels right to you.

We all have our preferences when it comes to taking notes in the classroom, and it’s the same when journaling. If you’re comfortable typing your daily journal entries on your smartphone, do it that way. If you prefer to handwrite it, go for it. No need to buy fancy journals and pens though. However, if you feel those leather-bound notebooks motivates you to write, be ready to make an investment as you may need to save up for them.

Go with free writing method.

When it comes to writing for academic subjects, grammatical and spelling rules tend to bind you. However, keep in mind that in journaling, it’s best to set aside these rules. Just write whatever comes into your mind and don’t restrict yourself. Let it all out. Think of it as when you’re dancing when no one’s looking – you feel the beat more so you move more freely. As a result, you feel much better afterwards.

Designate a time to write.

When we are juggling multiple tasks, it will be difficult to keep to a schedule and take the time to sit down and write. This is when you should put your discipline skills to the test. If you normally find yourself free at 7pm, do your best to keep to that schedule. Don’t make excuses unless there is a good reason behind it.

Select a place to write too!

If you feel that your writing mood improves when you’re at a coffee place rather than at a library, then write your journal entry when you’re there. Of course, be prepared to accept that this may not always be applicable so be flexible and work with what you can. If you often find yourself on the go, the best option is to carry your pen and notebook everywhere you go.

Unleash your creativity.

Remember you’re not writing a term paper where you have to meet a certain number of words or pages. As such, it wouldn’t hurt if you also go beyond writing. If you like to doodle, for example, include those doodles in your entries. If you’re the scrapbooking type, include items like a receipt from a restaurant that you really liked or a concert ticket you went to that you were excited about.

Be resourceful.

If you feel like there was nothing worth noting about your day, don’t beat yourself up for it. However, this is no excuse for you to skip writing an entry. A good alternative is to find a book or a magazine or newspaper, choose an interesting passage or story from it, and jot down your thoughts or opinions of it. Who knows, this could lead to better writing ideas in the future!

Journaling seems like an outdated idea with all the social networking sites we can post everything on. However, with journaling, there’s no requirement to edit so you can maintain appearances. It’s freeing, and in the process, you learn about yourself more. That’s certainly something that social networks can’t offer.






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