Career Profile: Library Technician

Career Profile: Library Technician

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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Do you find that the library is your favourite room at school? Does reading and researching make you excited? Well guess what? It’s cool to be a librarian. Whatever idea you may have in your head about what a librarian looks like (the stereotype of old wrinkly lady in a turtleneck hissing ‘shhhhhhhh’), that is not actually the reality. Books are cool. And taking care of them and managing the sharing of them is really, really cool.

Breaking it down

A library technician is another term for library assistant—the person in this job field is skilled at using recourses to discover information. They reserve, renew, circulate and discharge books and other materials kept in the library; they also manage database of library users’ information, coming and goings. Library technicians provide assistance to librarians, teachers and students—they locate materials to help complete projects and content. In other words, they are super important to all those who love to read and want to pass their classes!

The times, they are a changin’

Technology is always changing. It will never stop doing that and anyone who wants to keep steady work their whole life needs to know how to roll with the changes. It is the job of a library technician to evolve with the evolving technology—Internet tools, virtual libraries, software and automated databases come and go. Library technicians need to keep afloat on the new technology and adjust library databases accordingly.

Library technicians vs. librarians

So, what is the difference between library technicians and librarians exactly? The difference is in the main duties and education they require. To become a library technician, you probably will require a diploma. But ideally, an associate degree in library technology from a college would be best. Librarians, however, require a master’s degree in library science from a university. Being a library technician is a good job to begin with if you love being in a library but don’t want to go to school for years to get there. Alternatively, being a library technician is also a great job to have on your road to being a full librarian. This road will have you doing research projects, networking and building a career that could bring you a lot of respect and acclaim. Depending on if you work as a library technician in a large city or small town, you may be a part of a team of technicians, or the sole aid to the building’s librarians.


A Library Technician can start with a salary of $28,118 and work up to a median salary of $46,453 in Canada. Some highly educated and experienced technicians can earn up to $69,083.



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