Getting Your Volunteer Hours!

Getting Your Volunteer Hours!

by Jason LeBlanc
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So you’re looking to fill those required 40 hours of volunteer service– we get it, it’s not easy. The requirement to fill 40 hrs of volunteering is easy for some and difficult for others. No matter what you think of it, volunteering is a necessity and is actually important for many reasons besides fulfilling rules to graduate.

It provides an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself, to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise meet, to act in a role that you wouldn’t otherwise have, and to possibly evaluate different career opportunities. Along with this exploration, volunteering also builds self-confidence and provides you with some work experience that you can put on your resume!

So naturally, the next part of the process is where to look for volunteer opportunities. The first thing to keep in mind is to find out what the guidelines are, and what is considered eligible and ineligible volunteer activities. This is key. You don’t want to invest a large amount of time into something that your school board refuses to see as volunteer work. From there, it’s about finding something that appeals to you.

Many students seek out local libraries, local charity organizations, and even the school itself for volunteer opportunities. Libraries are particularly popular as they often have reading buddy programs and similar ventures. If you don’t know where to look, speaking with a guidance counselor or even a parent, as they might be able to suggest some unadvertised opportunities for you to contribute a little bit of your time. Cities across Canada also have volunteer centres, which help distribute volunteer opportunities among the community. If you are down on your luck and don’t know where to look, checking in with one of these centres may prove to be fruitful.

Think about what skills you are looking to gain. For example, if you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, perhaps there is a volunteer program at your local gym you might be able to plug into. Or, if you’re seeking a career in animal welfare, perhaps your local animal shelter can use a helping hand on the weekends.

Beyond thinking about what you might want to do long-term for a career, also give some thought to the causes you are passionate about. If you’re passionate about the environment, check out some local green organizations and their event listings. There might be something you can do there. If you’re really into women’s rights, there are a number of organizations that could probably use some help. Once again, check events listings. These are very helpful. Even going on local classified sites for volunteer listings might help inspire something in you.

There’s no shortage of volunteer work, no matter where you are in Canada. The difficulty can be finding the right volunteer opportunity for you. Luckily, you have a fair bit of time to clock in forty hours. Don’t wait for the last minute, but also, don’t panic if it’s only been two weeks and you haven’t found anything. Speak with anyone who you figure might be able to point you in the right direction. Volunteering is a lot of fun, a great way to brighten up the community a little bit, and, for most people, is a truly awesome experience. Find what appeals to you and get involved.

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