Why Should I Apply for a Scholarship?

Why Should I Apply for a Scholarship?

by Stephanie Hughes
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There are so many students entering college every year and sometimes it feels like there’s only a handful of scholarships. The truth is, scholarships tend to be one of the largest untapped resources for students entering post-secondary education. It may seem futile with all the other students you find yourself competing with, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Scholarships are actually a very underused resource that are very easy to apply to and that you could really benefit from!

First, you have to set out and find as many scholarships as you can. They can come from practically everywhere! The most common place to find scholarships is right at the school you were just accepted to. If you look at online resources or ask a guidance counselor about available rewards, you’re already halfway there! It’s also worthwhile to check out any leads at the high school you’re leaving through postings. Combing over different community boards or asking around in extracurricular activities you’re a part of is well worth your time. Foundations, organizations, local businesses, civic groups, labour boards, federal, provincial/state agencies, and other places all house a few resources that can lead you to scholarships.

Now that you’ve found a few pools of scholarships, you should find the ones you qualify for. Almost all schools offer an entrance scholarship of some kind when you’re accepted into the program. Maintaining a high grade-point average while applying is another sure way to qualify for a few other scholarships. If you’re the athletic type, you can use your passion for sports to earn some extra dollars. One of the most common kinds of scholarships come to those with a knack for writing, whether it’s creative, academic, or persuasive. Other scholarship types include the community-based scholarships (where participating or volunteering can not only build up your resume, but can demonstrate your ability to be an exceptional student), first in the family, and military scholarships.

Applying for scholarships is not only a good idea, but it could be a necessity. Scholarships lessen the financial burden that comes with school. You probably hear many people referring to scholarships as “free money”, which isn’t very far off the mark, though you do have to put in a bit of time and effort for them. Like with any other award certificate, a scholarship also looks good on your resume. The next time you’re applying for a job, it could be the difference between landing the interview and wondering whether or not they’re going to get back to you.

All things considered, of course you should apply for a scholarship! In fact, you should apply for as many scholarships that you remotely qualify for. Even if you likely aren’t going to win them all (maybe not even too many of them), you won’t gain anything at all if you don’t at least try. Applying for a scholarship is far from a waste of time!

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