An Explorer of Worlds: A Librarian...

An Explorer of Worlds: A Librarian Career Profile

by Anthony Teles
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Books are filled with ideas. They share stories from the past, new knowledge, and adventures in the future. If you love all that books have to offer, and also love helping other people discover this for themselves, becoming a librarian might be the career path for you. It is a very rewarding, challenging, and unique way of life.

Different librarians work at different libraries. You may be at a reference desk, answering the many different questions people have about different subjects. You may spend a lot of time searching for information online. You will always be giving someone an answer, leading them to an answer, or looking for answers yourself. Changing technology can make this harder, so it is a good idea to stay up-to-date with the modern world. Sometimes, the people you help will be less than pleasant. Learning how to deal with angry or upset library visitors is very important.

Those just starting their career as a librarian can expect to make around $34,382 each year. As you work more and more, you can expect this to go up. After many years, you can earn around $81,573 annually. As more information becomes available, and as older librarians retire from their jobs, you can expect there to be more jobs for you to get in the field. Over 80 percent of librarians are women, but this should not stop men from this career path. There are about 13,000 libraries in Canada, which means many work opportunities.

You can start exploring these opportunities with an undergraduate degree. This can be in any field that you are passionate about. From there, you will want to obtain a master’s degree in either library science or information science. More and more librarians have a second master’s degree or even a PhD. Be prepared to be in school for a number of years. A part-time job can be very helpful with university expenses. If you are passionate about learning, then both the schooling and career that follows it will make you very happy.

You can seek out internships and programs at the many different types of libraries throughout the country – whether it be at a school or public library, or a specialized library in areas like medicine or law. From there, you could end up in a library, or maybe even in a job you may not expect. In a children’s library, you can be a part of literacy programs that encourage children to read, and you can play a very important role by helping parents work with their children to help them learn. In bigger companies, you can help corporations find the data they need and manage all of it. In smaller towns, you can play an important role in the community by helping those who are struggling, senior citizens, and students with finding the information they need.

The career of the librarian is filled with many paths and many rewards. Changing technology, large amounts of information, and difficult customers can be big challenges. Yet you will get to make a huge difference in the lives of people both old and young. Librarians are the guide to endless data, and they get to explore this data as well. Books are filled with worlds of wonder, imagination, and ideas. As a librarian, you get to be an explorer and master of those worlds.


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