Employment Barriers for Individuals...

Employment Barriers for Individuals with Disabilities

by Mariann Roberts
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On March 18th, 2016, CBC Radio One did a special on how hard it is to get a job if you have a disability. Why is it so hard? What needs to be overcome? What is the best path to take? Tim Rose was Ontario Today’s guest, the Diversity Project Lead for the new job seeking platform, Magnet Today. Tim told his own personal story about finding employment, being born with cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia. Tim said it took him 4 years to find employment. The question CBC was asking Ontario callers was “what does it take to get work if you have a disability?” Tim said that his struggle to find work in Canada made him question his self-worth- something that job seeking can do to all people from all walks of life. When Tim went on interviews, there were a number of different barriers from the start; no wheel-chair access, discomfort of the interviewer, and even hand shaking. Tim mentioned that in his interviews, he may have “over-extended himself” and possibly talked himself out of the job he was going for.

Magnet Today is a job match technology that can remove barriers to employment for people with disabilities and people from many diverse backgrounds; Magnet has over 6000 employers across the country in their data-base.

The individuals that called into the CBC show had similar struggles like Tim had experienced. A number of callers said that there is a “missing link” for people with disabilities when it comes to employment; they need more support and advocacy before they get the job, and during their position. Tim brought up the fact that there is a misconception among employers that it will cost more to hire people with disabilities- this is not the case.

Overall, this important discussion about employment for individuals with disabilities needs to be a priority.  On the show, it was stated that there are over 800,000 people with disabilities in Canada, and 340,000 are recent post-secondary graduates- these are staggering numbers!

It is the hope of every individual with a disability that programs and initiatives like Magnet Today, will help elevate the conversation of inclusive employment.

For more information on Magnet Today, visit their website at http://www.magnet.today/ .

To listen to the CBC Ontario Today podcast, follow this link:



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