Getting the Most out of Volunteering

Getting the Most out of Volunteering

by Jason LeBlanc
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At a younger age, volunteering can have some major benefits. If you have approached a teacher, guidance counselor, a parent, or a volunteer organization seeking different ways to volunteer, you’re not the only one. More and more young people are finding ways to connect with others through volunteer work and it can be very rewarding. If you want to get the most out of volunteering, just take a spin through some of the benefits:

#1 – It’s Actually a Lot of Fun

Most young people who volunteer end up enjoying the people they work with and also achieve a sense of satisfaction from it all. For example, volunteering at a hospital can be a fun way to get to know an entire group of people that you wouldn’t otherwise come into contact with. Coaching a sport or helping out as a referee can be a fun way to develop leadership skills. Volunteering at events also gets you into that event for free. So all in all, not bad!

#2 – The People you Meet Can actually Turn out to be Very Special

Volunteering for young people gives you the chance to connect with people in a different way. To these people, you’re not just a student or a young person. You’re there to help. That’s a different dynamic. Students who volunteer often form strong relationships with the people they meet. Volunteering at a children’s centre, a homeless shelter, or even being a youth representative on a committee of some kind all puts you in front of different people. When you get to know them, friendship comes quickly.

#3 – It Gets you out of your Comfort Zone

Try something new. If you are scared about getting up in front of people or are looking to be a little more confident in yourself, volunteering puts you in the position to do that. Especially if it’s volunteering around something you genuinely enjoy, getting you to open up a bit in a role that you’ve never had to be in before can be challenging but fun.

#4 – Make a Difference in People’s Lives

Not only are you getting benefits out of helping in a volunteer role but one of the most powerful things that many young people feel from volunteering is knowing that they’ve made a difference. Just think about it. Every day, you’re putting a little more positivity and love into the world that was not there before. No matter where or to whom you’re volunteering, you’re helping people in your community and that’s not something that everybody does. At the end of your term as a volunteer, that’s something to really be proud of.

Try Volunteering

It can be intimidating trying to find the right volunteer opportunity for you. Speak with your parents about the kind of volunteer work you are looking for and get them to help you find an organization who needs the help. Sometimes, your school might also have different volunteer positions open for students to apply for.

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