November: A Month to Remember

November: A Month to Remember

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Every year, we celebrate Veterans  in Canada with Remembrance Day on November 11th. This is a very important day in Canada and most schools acknowledge it by attending an assembly. The assembly addresses the hardships and some triumphs made by soldiers and Canadian Forces in the past and present. Students, teachers and parents come together to honour those who gave their time, and sometimes their lives to help us have a better future. How will you honour the veterans of Canada? It is always nice to take some time by yourself and reflect on these things. The world is an even more strange place than it was yesterday, and it is important to respect and acknowledge those who have given certain sacrifices.

November is a strange month because of its slow transition into Winter- one minute you may be enjoying the Fall leaves, the next you are making snow angels! JPD has some great information for you this month including a tone of various career profiles: Botanist, Fruit Grower, Librarian, Arborist, Tile Setter and more! Check out the Student Life section of JPD where you will find a cool article on a new CBC Podcast called “This Is High School”.

Have a great month!

Erin Lynne Bouman

Content Editor

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