Keeping the World Safe as a Security...

Keeping the World Safe as a Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installer

by Anthony Teles
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Homes and offices are filled with many lives and valuable materials. These are protected by alarm systems that many people take for granted. After all, emergencies do not happen to them on a daily basis. When a fire, burglary, or emergency situation does occur, however, these systems need to be working and ready to help first responders reach the location. This is made possible by Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installers, who play a critical role in the safety and peace of mind of families, coworkers, and more.

Installers must not only complete the installation of this technology, but also service and maintain the completed systems. Each house and office is built a little differently, so they must be prepared to problem solve at the site in order to ensure the system can be completed. Different challenges will arise constantly that are unique to each location. There are specific skills that must be learned from technical or vocational schools, such as experience with different levels of voltages, connections, and insulation. In addition, there can be a great deal of physical movement involved. Installers have to bend, twist, climb ladders, and reach out-of-the-way spots. Being physically agile is very important.

Installers also need good people skills, as they deal directly with customers in their homes or place of work. In addition, each person will have their own questions they want answered, and often ask that the systems be explained in a way they can understand. Customers will need invoices and warranty documents, as well as other paperwork related to the installation. Certain sites may be more challenging than others due to its layout or the people being dealt with. Installers get to enjoy a great variety of locations and people that changes daily, and have the satisfaction of completing projects and knowing they are protecting families and businesses.

Besides the vocational training, installers often have to complete exams and be licensed to conduct work. Onsite training with specific systems is needed in order to work on them. Minor requirements include a valid driver’s licence and passing a background check. Even in areas with lots of competition, there are always different sites in need of system installation or maintenance. The beginning salary can be an hourly wage of about $15, or a total annual pay of around $31,000. These can increase to about $32 and $72,000 respectively. Installers with greater than 20 years of experience will often move on to other jobs or roles. These can include managerial positions that are less physically demanding as workers age. As a result, this can help to ensure your own growth into other jobs and fields, and also helps to limit competition from Installers with many years of experience.

Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installers are constantly facing new challenges, both mentally and physically, on a daily basis. Some sites may be bigger challenges than others, but Installers are helping to ensure a site’s safety each and every time. This is an ideal career for those looking for variety and those wanting to deal directly with people. Installers get to experience a great deal of satisfaction in seeing projects come to completion. More importantly, they get to leave a site knowing that they have helped ensure its protection. Thanks to them, families and businesses get to live out their lives with peace of mind.


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