Career Profile: Bread and Pastry Baker

Career Profile: Bread and Pastry Baker

by Anthony Teles
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The scent of fresh bread or sight of desserts can make anyone smile. Bakers put in many hours and lots of hard work to make those delicious dishes possible. It takes a lot of training and years of experience to be able to make complicated recipes. They do more than just feed people. Their baked goods are like art, and can make a major difference for a party, birthday, or special occasion. Becoming a baker is not easy, but it is definitely rewarding.

Bakers can be found not only in bakeries, but also restaurants or many other places that serve food. They often have early morning or evening shifts, and during that time they work hard to create unique breads and pastries. Bakers who start their own business and run their own bakery will probably be working from morning to night.

For bakers, a lot of joy can come from bringing food creations to life. They get to take part in the process of putting a bunch of ingredients together in a way to make something special. There is further happiness in helping people enjoy quality meals and celebrate with desserts. There are a lot of stresses in the job as well. Customers can be very demanding, and only expect the best when pastries or cakes are going to be served for a special, once-in-a-lifetime celebration, like a wedding. The hot temperatures of the oven and kitchen can be tough to deal with, and bakers must be able to stand on their feet most of the day. Baking with complicated recipes also means paying attention to every detail and watching closely while the food is in the oven.

The starting annual salary for a bakery can be around $22,500. After some years of experience, they can make around $44,500 per year. For those working shifts, the hourly wage can range from minimum wage to about $20. In 2014, there were around 43,800 bakers employed in Canada. Finding a job might be a bit of a challenge. From 2015 to 2024, there are expected to be 10,500 baking jobs and 12,800 people looking for work. Most hopeful bakers will be able to find work, but it will take schooling and experience to help make that happen.

Many bakers train at a college in the culinary arts. It is important that they gain experience wherever they can, perhaps in a volunteer role or as an assistant. After some years of work, they can progress to own their own bakery. It is also possible to eventually be in charge of baking high-end cakes, desserts, and breads for major, high-profile events or fancy restaurants.

Whether you are making a simple treat in your own kitchen or a unique cake for a special event, baking always requires a lot of effort and is endlessly rewarding. Those interested in the career should be baking as much as they can at home, and finding volunteer or part-time work at bakeries or food establishments. From there, they can look at college culinary programs after high school. These are the first steps in a career of bringing smiles to the faces of many happy customers.


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