Get Fired Up in February

Get Fired Up in February

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Sometimes during the winter months, we get the “winter blues”. At times, you can almost feel like a bear in hibernation because it is too cold and bitter to step outside or take a walk. Whatever you do in the winter, whether inside or out, exercise and movement is important to keep your brain and body healthy. Exercise is proven to keep your endorphin levels up and blood flow in check. So, if you are feeling a bit low, turn up the heat, try a few jumping jacks and see what energy you can conjure up!

JPD has A TON of new Career Profiles for you to look up including: astronomer, paralegal,web developer, social worker, animal controller, proofreaders, biologist and lots more. Check out the coinciding Job Videos that go with the career profiles in the Job Video section- read the article, then watch the video!

Do you like documentaries? Check out the new video series called Teens 101. Teens 101 is about YOU and your peers and everything you  may experience as a teen, big or small.

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