One Person Can Make a Difference: A...

One Person Can Make a Difference: A Social Worker Profile

by Anthony Teles
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Everyone faces daunting problems at one point or another in their lives. Social workers help families, individuals, and groups with some of those problems in order to allow them to lead better lives. It is a complex career with many emotional peaks and valleys, and one that comes with a heavy burden and large set of challenges. For those able to take on that emotional weight, the rewards are plentiful and the impact that can be had is immense.

Social workers are assigned patients and help them with a many number of issues. They welcome patients to centers designated to social work and assess their needs, difficulties, and future goals. Support groups, programs, and educational resources are selected and provided to these patients to meet their needs. The social worker is also tasked with helping families and individuals with problems they experience emotionally and socially. They help these people find jobs and get back on their feet, and maintain a caseload of patients over time.

Aside from the immense pride to be had in aiding people in unfortunate circumstances, social workers also get to meet those from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. They may work regular full-time hours for consistency, but many also have shifts that allow for flexibility in their schedule. Conversely, the stress and emotional turmoil of working with struggling patients can be intense.

Typically, social workers can expect to make close to $50,000 annually. Those starting out in the profession tend to earn around $33,700. After some years of experience, that salary can reach over $71,000. Those working shifts can expect to make anywhere from $19 to $45 per hour. Although there are many people looking for social worker positions, competition is not expected to be that strong thanks to the demand for the profession. From 2015 to 2024, there will be around 31,500 positions and 30,500 people looking to fill them.

Job seekers are expected to have at least a bachelor’s degree in social work. A Master’s degree can be very helpful in more competitive regions. As patients in Canada are coming from all over the world, it can be very beneficial to speak other languages aside from English. Patience and management skills are a great asset in dealing with the many cases that come along. Entry-level jobs are typically supervised and more administrative in nature. Becoming a social worker usually requires being a member in the association of social workers for a particular province. After many years of experience, it is possible to move on to a supervisor or managerial role.

Social work is at once both infinitely rewarding and endlessly stressful. If an aspiring social worker is able to accept the difficulties that come with the job, the satisfaction of providing crucial help to so many lives can vastly outweigh the negatives of the career. Those looking to pursue the field can find volunteer positions helping others and pursue social work courses at the post-secondary level. An amazing career of helping countless lives awaits.


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