Motorboat Mechanic

Motorboat Mechanic

by Susan Huebert
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When cars break down, mechanics can often fix them by repairing the engine, dealing with rust, or putting on new bumpers. Being a car mechanic is something that people can do in almost any city or town, and there will always be work. Being a motorboat mechanic is a much more specialized job, but it could be the right career for you.

Motors are complicated pieces of equipment, and many things can go wrong with them. Motorboat mechanics work with two types of motors: inboard motors which are on larger boats like yachts and outboard motors which are attached to smaller boats and can more easily be taken off and fixed in a shop. Both kinds of motor have various moving parts that can break or become worn out.

Mechanics who work with motorboats need to know as much as possible about the machines that they fix. A high school diploma is usually necessary for work in this area, and trade school courses in motors can be helpful. Working as an apprentice is also a good idea if people are able to do that, even informally at summer jobs. Like with many trades, learning on the job is a good way of getting into this type of work.

Depending on what they specialize in, motorboat mechanics might work mainly indoors or outside. For inboard motors on yachts and other larger boats, mechanics have to go to where the ship is docked, usually on an ocean or large lake. This might mean that the mechanic has to live near one of the coasts or an area like the Great Lakes. Since outboard motors can be removed from their boats, mechanics who specialize in these types of machines can have their own workshops where they repair the motors before putting them back onto the boats.

Like most trades, motorboat mechanic wages can vary, depending on experience and location. In general, pay starts at about $16 per hour and can reach $34 after a few years. In small shops, mechanics might earn less than in larger places, but the work can be more varied and interesting in small companies.

People who work as motorboat mechanics need a certain amount of strength to be able to work with heavy machines, and they need to be good with their hands. An ability to work with other people is important, and a knowledge of basic bookkeeping is useful, especially for mechanics who work on their own. Even in a larger company, mechanics might have to meet with clients to discuss what they need.

Working hours for motorboat mechanics can vary. In much of Canada, lakes and rivers are frozen in winter and using boats is impossible. Mechanics are unlikely to get much work at that time of the year, but they can be very busy in spring and summer. Having another source of income is likely to be necessary for many motorboat mechanics, but the skills they learn in their work can also apply to many other jobs.

Do you like to work with your hands and to fix machines? Why not consider becoming a motorboat mechanic?


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