April 2018: Spring Up Again!

April 2018: Spring Up Again!

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It is officially Spring! Though the weather here in Canada tends to teeter back and forth, there is no doubt that we have felt some of Spring’s warming effects already. You may find yourself outside more now, playing sports, meeting up with friends, going to the coffee shop instead of curling up inside away from the cold. Spring is all about renewal and rebirth, and we all reap the benefits with our changing moods and spirits.

At JPD, we want you to dig into some new Career Profiles that will help you in your Career classes this month and beyond. Some featured career profiles this month are associated with the field of law: paralegal, legal secretary and lawyer. We also have some great article pieces on financial literacy, financial analyst, and financial advisor. 

Looking for ways to get money for school? Check out our April 2018 list of scholarships in the Financial Aid section.

Be sure to check out each of our site categories- there are over 33 new articles to browse through! Also, remember that with each Career Profile you see on the site, there is a corresponding job video to match!

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