Three Ways to Travel with the Trades

Three Ways to Travel with the Trades

by Anthony Teles
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When people consider trades jobs, they think of tiny minutiae, such as the intricacies of wiring and plumbing that keep buildings and homes running effectively. These are important and rewarding careers, but sometimes can feel small in scope. Some tradespeople work in a single area where they live. However, there are many growing opportunities to work in the trades in such a way that you get to see the world. It makes an already rewarding career path even more gratifying.

One way to travel while working is to do it literally. Cruise ships venture around the world to many exciting locales. While they are filled with tourists and people on vacation, they also have many employees and workers ensuring a great experience for those travelers. Carpenters and electricians are regularly hired to be stationed aboard these ships, either in senior or assistant roles, for regular maintenance. Carpenters ensure furniture and accommodations in theatres, lounges, and more are in proper shape, and electricians guarantee all electrical systems are functioning so that the cruise’s activities go on unhindered. You can help many happy travelers while being one yourself.

Another option is to take your skills to where they are needed. As technologically advances, people around the world are turning to more environmentally-friendly power sources. Wind technology is becoming an increasingly popular choice. The wind turbines that make this possible are often in remote locations, and the technicians and repairers for these devices are required to travel frequently in order to reach and service the hundreds of thousands of turbines around the world. Due to the vast size and intricacies of certain wind farms, it may be necessary to have portions of the land managed by different organizations. This can require tradespeople to travel between different sites to work on various turbines. You can venture to many locales while making the world a better place.

Finally, you can also take your skills with you on the road. Many musicians and music bands depend on national and international tours in order to make a living. As they travel from city to city, or country to country, they depend on a talented crew to ensure their show is pulled off seamlessly at all venues. Sound technicians are critical to guarantee pristine acoustics for the crowd. Musical acts also depend on proper lighting for the stage, and perhaps special effects as well. Lighting technicians work hard to make sure this component of the performance is properly in place. You will get to journey with the musical act to see many cities and create great memories for countless audience members.

There are numerous ways to equip yourself with trades skills that will allow you to travel. As technology evolves in a world of increasing globalization, there will be more and more opportunities to do so. If this is of interest to you, seek out job opportunities along the lines of cruise ships and musical tours, as well as growing industries that sprawl many locales, such as wind energy. Not only can you do work that you are passionate about, but you can do it with the added bonus of seeing the many wonderful sights the world has to offer.


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