Getting into the Writer’s Circle...

Getting into the Writer’s Circle through Scholarships

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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With how the landscape for Canadian scholarship applications having undergone a drastic change these days, it is surprising how the majority of students are still not taking advantage of this. Before, scholarships were primarily awarded to students with the highest marks, and these days, it is more about what the students prefer in terms of field of study, interest, or location of study and which scholarships are the best match for them. According to the website Scholarships Canada, millions of dollars’ worth of scholarships are unclaimed every year mainly because no one applies for them.

At times, it might be intimidating to write several versions of a personal essays to apply for these scholarships, but it is a worthwhile effort. For those aspiring to be writers and authors, there are numerous scholarships that are available, and all students have to do to start the process is by filling out an application form, and most are available to be filled out online.

If you’re eyeing a scholarship for writing, here are a few of the institutions offering them. Have a review and who knows, you may nab a much-needed scholarship to kick off an illustrious writing career.

Lionel Shapiro Awards for Creative Writing

This scholarship, estimated value of $1,300 each, is awarded by McGill University’s Department of English to students in their last year of their B.A course who have demonstrated exceptional talent in poetry, fiction, screen writing, and playwriting.

Patti Barker Bursary in Creative Writing

The University of Victoria awards this bursary to students in their first or second year of a Creative Writing course. The bursary will be applied towards the total fees for the applicable terms of study.

Journalism Writing Style Book Award

Presented by Carleton University, this departmental scholarship is awarded annually as a book prize to a Journalism 28.220 student who has submitted class assignments that garnered exceptional merit. Once a recipient is chosen, it is posted to the student’s account and then applied to any outstanding balances.

CTV Journalistic Writing Scholarships

The University of Regina awards this scholarship for undergraduate students in Journalism with the help of CTV. The estimated amount is $1,750. The awards go directly to the student’s account, reducing the amount of fees owed to the University.

Writers’ Trust / Humber School for Writers Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded by the Humber School for students enrolled in the Correspondence Program, a seven-month, long-distance program in the pursuit of producing a book-length manuscript.

Henry Beissel Scholarship in Creative Writing

This is awarded by the University of Toronto (St. George) to deserving students of creative writing based on academic merit. As the scholarship is named after Henry Beissel, a poet, playwright, and author with a penchant for long poems, the recipients are preferred to be students of poetry.

Avie Bennett Prize in Canadian Literature

Students who have submitted the best essay in Canadian literature have the best chances to be recipients of this scholarship handed out by University of Toronto (St. George). The essay must be mainly focused on Canadian literature and must be written for credit in an undergraduate course at the university.










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