The Art of Advertising: A Marketing...

The Art of Advertising: A Marketing Managers Profile

by Anthony Teles
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YouTube ads. Billboards. Pop-ups. Every moment of the modern world is a war between companies and people vying for your attention. It takes a strong strategy and know-how in order to stand out. Companies of all sizes rely on marketing managers, analysts, and specialists to make this happen. These people employ a variety of tactics designed to gain an in-depth understanding of potential customers, and to determine how to utilize that in advertising campaigns. This is an exciting career field which requires you to get inside people’s heads, understand what matters most to them, and figure out how to give them exactly that.

Those in marketing work within a company to oversee, help create, and manage the different forms of advertising sent out to potential clients. They may be responsible for advertising one product or service, or an entire brand or company. This is done by working in a team setting with people in different roles. You must be organized, love challenges, and passionate about understanding and speaking to people. The career offers a lot of room for creativity and the potential to impact a vast number of people. It can also mean significant stress and pressure with so much of the organization’s success dependent upon your marketing campaign.

Marketing Managers make an average of around $60,800 per year. You can expect to start out at around $41,200, and that could go up to over $85,500 annually. With the growing importance of effective advertising, there are sufficient opportunities in the industry to meet the demand for jobs. From 2015 to 2024, it is expected that there will be 16,600 job openings in the field, and about 16,000 individuals seeking these positions. The median age of current people in the position is 44, and there are many expected retirements that will account for over three-quarters of the positions that will open up.

The requirements to get yourself hired will vary depending on the organization, the level of seniority, and the demands of the position. An undergraduate degree in market research, communications, or public relations is a common requirement. You will likely be expected to have several years of experience in an entry-level advertising or communications role. It is also useful to have a background in website design and social media usage. As you gain experience, the field offers great room for advancement. You can progress your way to senior level management, and from there become a Marketing Director, Vice-President of Marketing or Communications, and beyond.

Companies large and small need effective communication with their potential customers now more than ever. This opens up massive opportunities in the field of market management and research. The role comes with immense pressure and the need to juggle massive amounts of data, but also lets you flex your creative muscles and impact the lives of countless individuals. If this sounds like the career for you, start with the appropriate undergraduate program. In addition, become as familiar as possible with social media platforms, digital marketing, and the methodology of advertising. You can not only help companies stand out amongst the crowd, but also yourself.


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