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Fill Out Your Blank Canvas – Looking into Art Scholarships

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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With the government’s strong emphasis on STEM-centred educational programs, it’s not surprising to see why efforts to promote arts education are taking a backseat. After all, if you quickly glance at a list of Canada’s most in-demand jobs, you will see most of them require a degree founded on STEM-focused education, such as Utilities Manager, Engineering Manager, Health Care Manager, Statistician, and the like.

Still, if you are passionate about the arts, it’s only natural that you pursue a career in the arts and kick that off with an art degree. A career in the arts may not be the most coveted, but it can open doors to a rewarding and lucrative career such as an art director or a designer. Furthermore, a degree in creative fields can prove to be an advantage if one aspires to go into business because they have established themselves as imaginative thinkers and problem solvers, according to an article in The Star. It’s a valuable learning attribute.

What it comes down to is to do things that interest you, so if you are set on a arts degree, obtaining a scholarship is for sure a good way to get things started. Here are some of your options:

Abbondanza Fine Arts Scholarship

University of Lethbridge – Lethbridge, AB

With its motto built on creating and inspiring students, it’s no wonder that this university offers one of the most notable arts scholarships in the country through the Abbondanza Fine Arts Scholarship with value of up to $4,500. Four deserving full-time students currently enrolled in a Master of Fine Arts are eligible for this scholarship provided that they have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and has verifiable excellence in studio courses.

Constance McFarland Memorial Art Award

University of Alberta – Edmonton, AB

The University of Alberta is highly regarded because of its quality visual arts programs which aspire to foster creative thinking in learners, while at the same time encourage to enhance their individual mode of expression. They also offer certificate arts-focused programs for both beginners and casual artists of all levels. Through the estate of Constance Nettleton McFarland, herself an alumni of the university’s Faculty of Arts and Science, the institution awards $300 to $600 to students enrolled in the Extension Visual Arts Program who have demonstrated their creativity, skill and craftmanship, as well as community involvement.

Fine Art Student Union Bursary, Dharma Master Chuk Mor Memorial Scholarship

University of Toronto – Toronto, ON

It’s a given that this prestigious university is a huge supporter of the arts, so it’s no surprise that they provide several arts scholarships. Among them are the Fine Art Student Union Bursary and the Dharma Master Chuk Mor Memorial Scholarship. The Fine Art Student Union Bursary was established by the Fine Art Student Union and is to be awarded to students on the basis of financial need, and academic merit may also be considered. The eligible recipients should be current students enrolled in a Specialist or Major Program in Fine Art History or Visual Program in Fine Art History or Visual Studies. Meanwhile, the recipient of the Dharma Master Chuk Mor Memorial Scholarship is a student in a Major or Specialist Program in Art, and both academic and financial need are considered.

Entrance Scholarship

Emily Carr University of Art & Design – Vancouver, BC

This institution, named after the widely respected Canadian artist Emily Carr, offers arts scholarships that can help aspiring artists follow in her footsteps. The scholarships are open to secondary school students, both local and international, who have proven their academic prowess and artistic potential. Local award recipients can receive a scholarship that covers the full amount of tuition for their first year, while international award recipients can receive anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000.

Entrance Scholarship, Student Scholarship

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design – Halifax, NS

Nova Scotia is well-recognized for bringing talented artist Maud Lewis into the fore, and this school hopes to discover similar emerging artists through its entrance scholarship. NSCAD has in store for future art superstars entrance scholarships ranging from $500 to $8,000, which are renewable for each of the four years of study. In addition, NSCAD also offers over $170,000 to current students provided they are enrolled in at least one semester and are in good standing.

Anything above caught your fancy? It’s time to get to work to increase your chance of getting that arts scholarship.









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