Career Profile: Cleaners of Vehicles...

Career Profile: Cleaners of Vehicles and Equipment

by Susan Huebert
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Everyone needs help sometimes. Do you ever clean your family’s car? Some people do that for a living. Cleaners of vehicles work on the inside and outside of trucks and cars to make them look nice and work better. This could be a good job for you if you like working with your hands.

At home, you might usually just wash the outside of your family’s car and maybe vacuum it at the end of the winter. Car cleaners do much more than that. They clean the windows on the inside and outside, and they clean all of the surfaces where dust and dirt can gather. They even take sections of the car apart and put them back together to make sure that they work smoothly.

Making sure that everything in a car or truck is working well can take many people. Mechanics fix many of the big problems, like brakes that need repair. When people need someone to take care of the rest of the car, they might take it to a vehicle cleaner. The job can also involve cleaning engines, wheels, and other parts. Because of this, the work of a vehicle cleaner can be quite dirty and you should expect to get oil on your face and clothes.

Becoming a vehicle cleaner takes knowledge and experience. If you want to get into this work, you should start by learning mathematics as well as possible. This will help you calculate the right amount of cleaning fluid to use to get the job done. Courses in chemistry can also be helpful, and a strong ability to read instructions is very important. The work itself is not very physically difficult, but it can be hard on the back and knees. Sometimes the chemicals can be hard on the skin, and they might cause problems with allergies or other breathing issues.

Jobs in this field can vary from place to place, and they depend a lot on the general economy. People will always need their vehicles cleaned, but they might decide to do the work themselves when money is scarce. Still, you could get a job with a car dealership or a mechanic’s garage, especially in a large city. Wages start at about $11 per hour or almost $24,000 per year. With experience, pay can often rise to almost $18.00 per hour or over $40,000 per year. The hours can be very regular in some places, but evening work might be necessary in others.

Do you like to work with tiny details? Vehicle cleaners have to be very careful to cover every bit of the car or truck to make sure that all of it is as clean as possible. If you develop habits of keeping your own room clean, that might help you learn the skills you need. The work can be boring and hard on the arms and back, but it can also be rewarding.

Working as a cleaner of vehicles can be a good job if you enjoy making things look nice and run well. Why not check into it?


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