How Travel Can Change You Forever

How Travel Can Change You Forever

by Anthony Teles
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The world has never before been so vast and so small all at once. Human civilization spans the globe, but modern technology and travel makes it easier than ever to connect with people from anywhere. Trips that once took our ancestors months to complete can now be traversed in a matter of hours. If you plan it right, it is not that expensive, either. Take advantage of this to venture to other countries while still in university or after graduation. The benefits of this go far beyond simply having fun.

Traveling lets you see the world in a whole new way. Reading about or watching videos of other places is nothing at all like being there in person. These are only glimpses into another town or country, sharing tidbits that the content creator selected from their perspective. The only way to truly know a place, to see the good and the bad, is to be there. Instead of simply reading about cultural differences, you will be faced with them constantly as you walk the streets. Instead watching a YouTube video on another language, you will be forced to use it to order dinner or get to your Airbnb. These are unforgettable experiences that shatter preconceived notions about the planet and bombard you with the reality that the world is a massive, complex, and nuanced mixture of people and ways of thinking.

We live in an interconnected society. Traveling can now be far more than an isolated adventure or an escape from your life at home. You can meet new friends and continue that friendship online through social media. Job opportunities in other countries can be pursued remotely, which allows you to continue immersing yourself in that culture via work and offers flexibility to continue traveling. The insights and experience you gain can be utilized in your studies when you come back to your college or university classes. Your trek allows you to bring a lot back with you, and it can have a lifelong impact.

There are studies reinforcing the idea that travel actually changes your brain and how you think. By engaging in local environments abroad, you can improve your creativity in both your studies and work. Navigating the streets and trains of a foreign town, ordering dinner in the local language, and diving into an environment that is completely different from what you are used to are all ways to sharpen your mind. Your brain takes in all of these stimuli and this acts like a workout that strengthens and improves your mental performance. You will return home with a greater sense of independence and confidence. This will help you tackle the complex and scary world of post-secondary education, as well as the even grander world of work and adulthood. After high school, we are plunged into huge decisions and greater control over our own lives, and you need to do all you can to prepare yourself for that.

There are many ways to broaden your mind and improve your chances for success in adulthood. Traveling is an exciting way to go about that. The new experiences, challenges and challenges you will face in other countries will help you grow into a stronger, smarter, and more confident person. By venturing to other places, you will be more prepared for the place you call home.


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