Research the Trades- Start Here! Money,...

Research the Trades- Start Here! Money, Security, and a Future at Your Feet

by Erin Kelly
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Have you been thinking about starting work in the Trades? You may have heard that working in the trades can be really tough, physically, but it can also be challenging, mentally. But guess what? Every job or career path you choose will be hard! When weighing your options for steady employment these days, taking up a Trade is a very good idea. If you are looking for a certain type of job security, you must do your research before diving into it.

The Canadian economy needs people working in the trades very badly- no exaggeration! Wages for industries like construction are rising for it is tough to find hard, skilled workers. Often times, Canada must call on other countries to help with production. If you can start working, learning and earning money right after high school, why not join a trade? It is a win-win situation. Working as an apprentice on the job, in a trade of your choice, is more than a lot of people have set up after high school. You have the great opportunity to make decent money and move up quickly if you have determination and passion.

The following websites can help you with information and research in regards to getting into the trades-nation wide:

  1. The Government of Canada:



  1. Types of Trades- a Run-Down


  1. Schools in Canada



  1. Recent Articles to Read About the Trades Industry and Job Prospects






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