When They Can’t Call You on Your...

When They Can’t Call You on Your Cellphone – How to Cope when You Lose Your Mobile Phone

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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When your mobile phone is confiscated, do you feel that your world has suddenly stopped turning? OK, maybe we’re being overly dramatic here, but according to a report published by the Varnier Institute, that statement isn’t entirely stretching it. In fact, the study revealed that 49% of Canadian young students said they will be upset or unhappy when they lose their cellphone privileges. In addition, these students are obviously so dependent on their phones that more than 1/3 of those surveyed said that they sleep with their smartphones beside them.

Still, there are situations when your parents decide to remove access from your precious device for a certain period of time, which often feel like an eternity if you’ve grown so accustomed to it. You may have an important test coming up, a valuable family member coming for a visit, a household chore that’s overdue, or simply a form of discipline enforced on you for violating your curfew. Now, while it’s fine to feel displeased or hurt with the decision, remember that it’s not the end of the world. You can survive these times when no one can call you on your cellphone. In turn, be ready to gain these valuable experiences.

You can actively engage.

Do you remember the last time you were 100% present for a family activity, like game night or movie night, or a day out with your friends at the mall? By this, we mean 100% attentive or in the moment—no distractions like looking at your text messages or seeing if you got lots of likes with your Instagram photo. Yes, even a quick peek at your email inbox means a point against that 100%. If you don’t remember, then most likely it hasn’t happened yet or it’s been too long. Now that you can’t go online or send text messages, use this time to connect with your family or friends and give them your undivided attention. Who knows, you might be happier without your mobile device after all.

You can enhance your verbal communication skills.

OK, you might ace it in Emojispeak, but when was the last time you shared your thoughts and ideas without relying on emoticons or emojis? Probably another thing that’s hard to remember, right? With your mobile phone out of your hands now, you can discover the value of communicating the old-fashioned way—by perusing your vocal chords and making sounds to form actual words or what people normally refer to as speech. Yes, you may not have noticed it, but relying too much on technology to communicate can derail speech abilities, according to a Baylor University study published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences.

You can be a healthier you.

Having no access to your cellphone does not mean keeping away the doctor completely, but you can for sure pick up healthy habits while you are smartphone-free. For one, too much screentime actually causes eyestrain, something that you might not feel yet but will eventually in the long run. In addition, excessive cellphone use leads to disruptive sleep. This is because mobile phone use prevents bedrooms from being sensory deprivation zones, thus resulting in sleep deprivation. With non-existent cellphone access, you’ll notice that you feel well-rested when you wake up in the morning.

You can focus on other things.

Not having to worry about whether you’re invited to a party or not by checking your phone every minute will give you peace of mind, while at the same time, you’ll noticed that you’re now more focused on other things. Maybe you’ve always wanted to join the field hockey team but never got around to it because of online distraction or maybe you’ve always wished to try your hand at playing guitar but never had the attention to take up guitar classes? Now is the best time to explore what your interests are and find out where you can excel at (aside from texting and taking Instagram-worthy shots, of course).

It’s normal to feel anxious the first few days without your smartphone, but trust us, you’ll surprise yourself and realize that there are so many things you are capable of doing without having to rely on your mobile phone. While you’re in protest now that your parents confiscated your phone, in due time, you’ll appreciate the gesture they’ve done for you and savour the things mentioned above.





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