Deck the Halls in December!

Deck the Halls in December!

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The Holidays are here! Well, almost…

In less than one month, you will have some free time for rest an relaxation before another busy year begins. However, along with some R &R, you might be doing seasonal work during the holidays. Now is the time when different companies do seasonal hiring. Specifically, retail companies have their busiest time in December- a time in which you can reap the benefits! If you already have a part time job, you may get a lot of extra shifts due to this holiday season. Working during the holidays can be hectic, but it can also allow you to focus on earning money for your future, and of course a few holiday treats! Have fun and indulge yourself- you deserve it!

Speaking of jobs- we have some really helpful articles on resumes: your resume versus a LinkedIn profile ( the differences); how to handle the job searching roller coaster ride; a simple guide to resume preparation and a run down on different types of resumes. We also have more Career Profiles like Actuary, Medical Equipment Preparer, and Director of Dental Surgery to name a few.

Take some time to check out these articles before your holidays- it just might help you get that job!

Take care and be safe!

Erin Kelly

Content Editor

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