A Look into Careers that Have a Bright...

A Look into Careers that Have a Bright Future, Financially

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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Last May, CBC.ca published the results of a survey which focused on companies that appeal most to students in six major field studies – business, engineering/IT, natural sciences, liberal arts/fine arts/education/social sciences, law, and health and medicine. The survey, done by employer-branding company Universum Global, revealed results that perhaps many wouldn’t find suprising. For one, technology companies such as Google, IBM, Apple, and Microsoft are among the companies which headed the list, as well as engineering companies like Tesla and Canadian Space Agency. Big banks such as TD Bank and Royal Bank of Canada also had a strong showing. These organizations are not only attractive because of their competitive compensation packages and benefits but also because of the stability and security they offer.

There’s no doubt that the engineering and IT sector, as well as banking and finance industries, are highly in demand these days, but would it be the same in ten years or so? Let’s look into the magic crystal ball and see what the outlook will be like….

Here’s a rundown of the jobs that will have solid prospects in 10 years’ time:

Computer Systems Design Professionals

As the survey results showed, the student respondents have a good idea of what the future looks like. The IT sector will continue to thrive so Apple and these other innovative organizations will grow even more as the number of companies which depend on technological advancements to stay on top of the competitive market will increase. There will be more need for continuous upgrades and enhancements, so IT students everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief – your job will still be in high demand in the future.

Social Workers

While social work may not be interesting to current students as IT companies such as Google, this industry has a bright future ahead of it. The need for social workers will be more significant in 10 years’ time as the aging population continue to increase. There’s also an expected growth for the youth population up to 17 years old, and more families will require social assistance for day care and other related services.

Legal, Accounting, and Business Consultants

If you have a strong inclination for crunching numbers, growing businesses, and laying out legal groundwork, then you’ll likely acquire the highly coveted job security since these careers have a solid potential of being in high demand in the future. Mergers, acquisitions, implementation of new technologies, and others are the main reasons why these jobs will be needed in 10 years’ time.

Research and Development Professionals, Architects, and Engineers

Again, as the survey proved, engineering companies will continue to score points way into the future. There will also be a high demand for anyone involved in R&D and the architectural sectors. Construction and infrastructure projects will continue to rise, particularly in non-residential buildings, and there will be a renewed interest in manufacturing production, research and development, and monitoring and evaluation efforts.

Nurses and Occupational or Physiotherapy Assistants

This list won’t be complete if there isn’t a mention of a healthcare professional, and true enough, the demand for healthcare services will not only remain but is expected to intensify in the years to come due to the aging population and Canadians’ increased desire to keep to a healthy lifestyle.

The above are just five of the most promising careers. Now which of these industries are you looking forward to being a part of?





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