Which Comes First: Money or Happiness?

Which Comes First: Money or Happiness?

by Linda Mendes

You’ve probably heard the saying “money can’t buy happiness”. Some agree with that saying and others do not. Different people have different views and opinions.

If you really think about it, happiness comes before money. Although money can bring happiness, the happiness brought only remains temporarily. After this happiness is gone, it can leave people feeling empty again. For example, if one wins the lottery, they will be extremely happy. This isn’t true happiness. It is the strong feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment, and excitement. Just like the money will go away with time, the strong feelings that the money has brought will fade as well.

If you rely on money to make you happy, you can be setting your expectations too high. This can lead you to work too many hours or even having a career you don’t enjoy just because it makes high pay. If you are unhappy, you may not have the motivation to work. Lack of motivation will most likely lead to you disliking your job.

Happiness empowers you. It brings motivation and productivity. When you are happy it can help you out with your career. You will seek careers that you actually enjoy, no matter how much you get paid.

Those who are happy do benefit from many characteristics that help them become successful. These characteristics include:

  • Having a positive view on themselves and others.
  • Social behaviour.
  • Effective coping ability.

Ways to Become Happier

  1. List what you love about yourself.

By creating lists about what you love about yourself, you will find it much easier to focus on those than anything it is that you may dislike about yourself. When you’re having a bad day, try creating a list of everything you like about yourself and watch the list grow.

  1. Meditate.

Meditation is a great way to keep you in tune with yourself. It gives you an opportunity to control your thoughts and to dismiss the negative ones. It also helps you to relax if you’re feeling anxious or upset. If you do not know how to lead yourself in meditation, you can simply look up meditation guides on the internet that will guide you through it. If it helps, you can also play some calming music, such as nature sounds in the background.

  1. Exercise.

Exercise is important for one’s happiness and one’s well being. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals that can trigger positive feelings. These chemicals are called “endorphins”. Endorphins can make you feel happy. If you don’t exercise regularly, you should start simple and build your way up. You can find videos on the internet or download apps that can help guide you through your workouts.

  1. Make positive memories.

Doing what you enjoy doing can create many positive memories that you can look back at. Doing what you like to do can automatically make you happy because it’s something you actually enjoy doing. Go out with friends and family, and work on your hobbies to help you create some amazing memories.

  1. Communicate kindly.

When you are nice to others, it makes you feel good. You feel like you’ve accomplished something. Communicating kindly benefits both; the one receiving the kindness and the one giving the kindness. If you ever feel as if you’re going to say something negative, stop yourself and think about how it will affect you and the person.

  1. Be yourself!

You may hear the saying “be yourself” way too often, but it is a very important saying. You should be able to be yourself and not have to feel the need to be like everyone else. Don’t fall into the stereotypes. It is perfectly fine to be different. Embrace your differences with pride!

Happiness is worth so much more than money. Happiness is a choice. It comes from within you and it is very important to put your own happiness first, especially before money. As previously stated, some may agree and others might disagree. What really matters is what you think. Which do you think comes first: money or happiness?








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