Happy New Year! (And New Start)

Happy New Year! (And New Start)

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We made it. It’s finally January 1, 2021. I know we’ve all been saying this, but 2020 was a difficult, wild, and unpredictable year. When that New Year’s Eve countdown hit zero, we left 2020 behind, but not the challenges that came with it. However, with the new calendar comes a new beginning and a refreshed optimism, and that resiliency will carry us through this winter of lockdowns, remote learning, and an uncertain future for jobs and careers. We’ve got this!

With this new beginning comes a new JPD Content Editor. I’m Anthony, a writer/editor who’s been writing for JPD for 5 years, and I’m excited to start my journey in this role. Erin did such great work as Content Editor and I know I’ve got big shoes to fill. Luckily for me, JPD has a fantastic team of writers. I’m honoured to get to work with them to bring you articles helping to make sense of all the complex social issues and uncertain future of jobs that we all face.

2021 has a lot of unknowns waiting ahead. It’s important to not let that fear stop us. Now is the time to make sure you are okay and do whatever self-care is needed. Now is the time to reach out to friends and family, even if just to check in. Now is the time to be brave and ready to adapt. The world of work is changing, and this means it’s a world full of chances to change things for the better – more remote jobs that get rid of commutes and open up opportunities for those with disabilities, more support systems for our mental health and financial aid, and a green recovery that can save our planet. Let’s do this!

Anthony Teles

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