Plans for Hybrid Models and Remote...

Plans for Hybrid Models and Remote Learning throughout Canada

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As the weather cools and the days shorten, students are back in class, whether in person, remotely, or as a hybrid model, all part of our “new normal.” Schools across Canada are finding different ways to make this work – now, and for the long-term.

The Upper Canada District School Board in Brockville, Ontario has two options for students this school year. Synchronous remote learning involves real-time teaching through Microsoft Teams or a D2L platform. Asynchronous remote learning allows students to study at their own schedule using uploaded instructional materials. The Holy Trinity School in the Greater Toronto Area has online and face-to-face classes take place at the same time. Remote students join classes through Google Meet to let them interact with students in the classroom, and use Google Classroom for activities.

Elsewhere, the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District had high schoolers return to classrooms in a blended model for 2021, alternating in-class learning between two groups of students: Those with last names starting with A through K, and those with surnames starting with L through Z. Over in British Columbia, the province is using a provincial Learning Management System as an online course platform for all schools. The Chilliwack School District in British Columbia is offering hybrid learning in which students are connected to a single school. Students go to classrooms three days a week and work online the other two days, and have the option to return to their catchment school at any time during the year as long as there is space.

Hybrid models and remote learning are here to stay. As always, JobsPeopleDo is here to help you on your journey. Look forward to new articles for our next issue in November!

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