Top Earning Careers in Canada

Top Earning Careers in Canada

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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We have all heard the saying “time is money”, but wouldn’t it be great if time was A LOT of money? Amidst a seemingly endless slew of minimum wage and mediocre pay jobs, with the right training and career focus you could find yourself in one of the coveted high paying jobs Canada has to offer. We have put together a list of some of the highest paid jobs in the country. So next time you are considering your future and see a large house or plenty of traveling in that future, consider these careers and get yourself to an academic advisor:

Database Administrator

This one is for those who love and are interested in IT; if you have a passion for new technology and enjoy accessing your problem-solving and communication skills, then this is a great job to look into. As a database administrator you will be responsible for the performance, integrity and security of a workplace database. You plan and develop the database and take care of troubleshooting when any issues pop up. The databases need to be consistent, clearly defined and easy to access by people in the workplace. Most importantly, administrators need to make sure that all company data is secure. Being a graduate DBA can get you the highest salary and a lot of people like the career because it can be carried out in an informal setting like your home.


Marketing Manager

Do you like to strategize? Being a marketing manager is a position of high responsibility and creativity. That makes it incredibly satisfying on multiple levels. You would be in charge of managing the marketing for your employer and all activities within the marketing department. You would work on campaigns and sales budgets, analyze potential partner relationships that will benefit your company, and create marketing tools and promotional campaigns. For this job you will need a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and a dynamic and creative personality.


Purchasing Manager

Purchasing managers are employees that work within a company as buyers and approvers of acquiring goods and services that are needed by the organization. The responsibilities are seeking vendors and suppliers, negotiating prices and contracts, reviewing specific technical information of the products purchased, determining the amounts and timing of deliveries needed, and figuring out future demands of the company. A Bachelor’s degree is recommended for this job, and the median salary is typically over $100,000 which will more than take care of any possible student loans you may have racked up.


Occupational Therapist

This highly profitable form of therapy is meant for those who are recuperating from mental illness or any physical setbacks. Occupational therapists help with rehabilitation by aiding the performance of activities involved in daily life. By working with clients closely, this job helps people not only with their health but with their image of themselves. Every person is different, so the position of occupational therapist will keep you on your toes.


Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioner positions are in constant need of filling, hence the high wages and intense amount of job postings. These nurses are in charge of treating, diagnosing, aiding patients and managing illnesses. They can work in gerontology, mental health, family practice, retail clinics, HIV clinics, diabetes and endocrinology. Nurse practitioners require an RN licence and a nurse practitioner license.


Health and Community Services Manager

Health service managers are responsible for the day-to-day financial and strategic running of a hospital, community health services or general practices. It is their job to work with both the clinical and non-clinical staff as well as partner organizations. As a health service manager they are responsible for finances, human resources, project and information management and staff and clinical management.



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