Welcome back to JobsPeopleDo!

Welcome back to JobsPeopleDo!

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As we head into the New Year and perhaps, just perhaps, the final days of COVID-19 measures, I’m happy to welcome you back for a new issue of JobsPeopleDo. We are resuming our regular monthly publishing schedule, so look forward to new content on a regular basis just like before.

It is surreal to think it’s been 20 whole months since everything changed back in March 2020. So much has happened. The world is such a different place now. Even as increasing vaccination rates and relaxed restrictions hint at a return to “normal,” the lasting effects of the pandemic can already be felt. JobsPeopleDo will continue to offer support in a world where youth are more socially aware than ever, and remote work and schooling are increasingly the norm.

In this issue, you will find some reflections on the National Day for Truth & Reconciliation, including the reasons why the holiday has been created, and how Indigenous communities are necessary in the fight against climate change. There are also articles looking ahead to the upcoming winter months, with exercises you can do in your dorm room and advice for those suffering from the lack of sunlight and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Of course, the pandemic remains a major topic of discussion, and you will find advice on staying active while stuck at home, as well as transitioning from high school to post-secondary education during this time.

Stay safe and take care!


Anthony Teles
Vice-President, Content

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