You Can Help Fight Climate Change with...

You Can Help Fight Climate Change with Green Jobs in the Trades

by Meghan Brown
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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing people in Canada and around the world.  Sustainability and renewable resources are key to overcoming this challenge.  The world is changing. As we move into the future, “green” jobs will be more essential and more plentiful than ever before, and many of these jobs will be in the trades.

For young adults looking for a strong career with high potential for growth, which also aligns with their interests in the environment and helping to fight climate change, then these green trades jobs will be ideal.

Solar Panel Technicians and Installers

Solar power is one of the most promising solutions to the world’s growing energy needs. The use of solar panels is growing rapidly across the country, for both residential homes and larger power-generating solar farms.  These jobs include installing and maintaining solar panels for both residential and commercial use, repairing solar panels or related equipment, and working in power generating stations attached to solar farms.

Wind Turbine Technicians and Installers

Wind power is another sustainable energy source that holds a great deal of promise to support homes and cities with electricity.  With more wind turbine farms being built every year, the industry needs more tradespeople to install, maintain, and repair these giant wind turbines all across the country.

Green HVAC Technicians

As sustainable technologies advance, there are more options for green heating and cooling air circulation equipment for both homes and commercial buildings.  New technologies always need new tradespeople to install and maintain these systems. Green HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) technicians are expected to be in high demand as residential, commercial, and industrial buildings need to install new green HVAC systems, or upgrade and retrofit their existing systems to be more energy efficient and climate friendly.

Green Construction Workers and Managers

New buildings are increasingly being designed for and built using sustainable construction materials, and this opens up opportunities for construction industry tradespeople who are knowledgeable about working with these materials.  Green construction workers and managers will be needed for renovations and new construction projects that focus on sustainability in materials and operation, and minimizing environmental impacts.

Green Landscape Designer

Residential yards as well as public parks and greenspaces all have a role to play in fighting climate change by being designed to be sustainable, particularly in regard to the management of water resources.  Green landscape design focuses on efficient water use, using regionally-appropriate plants, and managing or mitigating the use of chemical fertilizers and pest control solutions.

Sustainable Forestry and Wetlands Restoration Technicians

The natural forests and wetlands across the country serve important roles in managing climate change, with everything from carbon sequestration, cleaning the air, managing water resources and the impact of floodwater, as well as providing homes for natural fish and wildlife.  Expert tradespeople can help manage and maintain these natural areas to ensure they are preserved, cleaned, and operated in a sustainable manner.

These are just a small handful of the new and future green trades careers that will help us fight climate change.



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