Examples of Remote Work Opportunities...

Examples of Remote Work Opportunities While Doing School Online

by Susan Huebert
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Having a bit of extra money is always helpful, whatever your age. If you are still in online school, you might have some extra time to earn some money. Doing some remote work could be a good way of getting both money and experience for future work. Various opportunities are available if you look for them.

During the lockdowns for the COVID-19 pandemic, you probably became familiar with remote learning. You would watch classes online and do your assignments at home, and your teacher would mark them. Your schooling might run on a specific schedule or be quite flexible, allowing you to fit it in with other activities like eating meals with your family or walking the dog.

Remote work can be similar in many ways. Tutoring is a good possibility for anyone who likes to help others. If you are good at mathematics, science, or grammar, you might be able to help other students with their studies. You can do this online if both you and your student have good Internet connections. You can even meet with several students at once and have formal classes, or you can work with students individually. Normally, the student and tutor arrange specific times for classes, although some work may be necessary outside those hours.

Writing is another good way of earning money. You could write for a blog or local newsletter and earn a small amount of money for each article. If you have a special area of knowledge like animals or sports, you could look for magazines or online sites that deal with these topics. Some magazines, including Reader’s Digest, pay quite well for short stories about topics like family, school, and friends.

Except for established authors, much writing work is freelance. This means that you are unlikely to find a regular weekly or daily writing job with a magazine or website until you have experience, and even then, it can be difficult. However, you can write for many different magazines if you want, and the pay can add up to a large amount.

Often, publications will give submission guidelines that give the topics and the number of words that they want for each article. Staying close to those guidelines is a good idea, because the editors are unlikely to want to spend a lot of time revising your article. Reading other articles in the same publication can give you a good general idea of what the editors want, including how formal the writing is and how personal the articles are.

Starting your own blog is an option if you know how to make money from it. In a blog, you could write about a topic you know well and then find ways of earning money through sales or advertising. You could even sell some of your artwork or crafts through your blog or website if you are able to make something that sells well.

Taking online surveys for pay is also a possibility. Each one pays a small amount for information on topics like shopping habits or pet care, and people can take the surveys whenever they have time. A free half hour every day might be enough to make some money through surveys.

If you are good with computers, other options might be available. Working with webpage design is good for people who know about HTML coding and other similar skills. In some cases, working with social media for a business or community organization might also be a possibility. You might not be able to answer questions from the public, but you could monitor the pages to be sure that they are working properly and possibly direct the questions to the right people in the company.

The pandemic has often seemed like lost time, with so many people working or studying from home. However, with a few ideas like these ones, you can make good use of the time and the opportunities that you have.



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