Six Tips For Getting A Scholarship

Six Tips For Getting A Scholarship

by Mason Butterfield
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A lot of college students end up with nothing but debt even before they graduate. The option of a scholarship has always been a number two priority when it comes to college students. Most think that they can just pay off their student loans after they graduate and get a job, but many find it too overwhelming. With a scholarship, not only will you study for free but some scholarship plans will even give you money just to stay in school or even provide you with an “allowance”.

Here are a few tips to help you get a scholarship and avoid debt in college.

Look for one as soon as possible
Start looking for a scholarship even if you haven’t graduated yet. Start during your junior year of high school and take advantage of having less competition. This way, you can still renew your efforts and take additional opportunities.

Look for scholarships elsewhere
Don’t just limit yourself to online sources. Check with religious organizations, local clubs, your school guidance counselor and employers. Local scholarships are less competitive compared to the national ones and you can find corporations and businesses that award free education to their loyal customers.

Don’t become intimidated just because you’re not on the top
So your grades aren’t really made for the honour roll, but many scholarships don’t measure or base their decisions on your grades. Many scholarships would prefer someone who shows volunteerism and leadership.

Search all year round
You can find scholarships that are only available for a limited season. For example, some major department stores actually give out scholarships during the holidays as a prize. Treat it like getting a part-time job. You can get different opportunities throughout the whole year.

Be honest
Never exaggerate your memberships, skills, qualifications or grades. Better focus on a scholarship that you know you’re eligible for.

Avoid scams
There are scholarship scams out there that promise you a full scholarship if you give them a certain amount of money. If someone emails you and asks you if you’re interested in a “discounted” tuition fee, it’s best to avoid these emails so you don’t get into a debt collection lawsuit. These scammers are only after your money and they’ll make a run for it after you give your credit card number to them.

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