Trades for Night Owls

Trades for Night Owls

by Susan Huebert
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When the sun comes up in the morning, some people are ready to start their day at work or school. By the middle of the evening, they could be yawning while other people are just starting to feel energetic. If you tend to be wide awake in the evenings and tired in the mornings, you might want to find work in a trade for night owls. Depending on what you like to do, you could find just the right job for your interests.

Each day, grocery stores and bakeries have fresh breads and cakes for customers to buy. During the night, bakers make these foods so that they will be as fresh as possible throughout the day. Bakers might work alone in small stores, but they might have several other people working with them. They prepare the dough and then bake it during the night or early in the morning so that the breads and cakes will be cooled off and ready for customers to buy as soon as the store opens. Since many grocery stores open at 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning, this means that bakers must often be up very early.

Bartenders and restaurant servers frequently stay up very late. Not many restaurants are open all night, but people in these jobs often need to stay up until midnight or later to finish serving people and then clean up after them.  Fast food cooks also have to stay up until the restaurant closes and then clean up the food and dishes from the day before they can go home.

If you like greeting people and organizing help for them, you could consider becoming a night shift hotel front desk clerk. If the hotel is near an airport or bus station, this could be a very busy job, but it could be very quiet in other places.

Becoming a security guard is also an option. You could work almost anywhere that is open at night, including a hotel, hospital, or bus station. However, security guards also work in places that are closed, such as lumber yards and factories. The job might involve staying in one place, watching television monitors to see what is happening around the building, but it can also involve walking through the building regularly to make sure that everything is safe.

Cleaners and custodians are very important people in office buildings and schools. After office workers or students have left for the day, cleaners come to mop or vacuum the floors, dust the desks and other surfaces, and clean eating areas and bathrooms. Since it is easier to do this work in empty buildings, much of the cleaning happens late in the evening or at night.

Mechanics also have the opportunity to work at night if they wish. Airplanes generally start their flights during the day, and many bus routes end late in the evening and start up in the morning. During the night, mechanics check the vehicles for any breakdowns or other problems they might have and do the repairs so that the machines can run again properly in the morning.

Manufacturing work and road repair are also good options for night owls. Many factories have night shifts so that the machines can keep on working and producing goods twenty-four hours a day. The nights are likely to be quieter than the days, making the job ideal for people who prefer to have as little commotion around them as possible.  Highway construction jobs are also good options, and taking the night shift gives the opportunity to work with fewer interruptions than in the daytime.

Many people prefer to work in the daytime, but others prefer the evening or nighttime. In that case, some of these options could be good choices.



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