Overcoming Shyness in the Classroom:...

Overcoming Shyness in the Classroom: How to Speak Up and Get More Involved

by Linda Mendes
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It is common for students to be shy in school. They may not be comfortable expressing their thoughts and ideas in class. Shy students should be encouraged to work on their shyness, especially if it is affecting them academically. The following are a few tips to help overcome shyness in the classroom.

You Are Not the Only One Feeling Shy

You may feel like you are the only shy person in a room filled with outgoing people that are secretly judging you. This is most likely false. Everyone feels shy at some point, especially if it is the start of a new school year. Some can hide it much easier than others. Remembering that other people may be just as shy as you are could help ease your mind.

Get To Know Your Classmates

Getting to know your classmates can help you feel more comfortable in class. You could keep an eye out and try to help someone needing help. If you are doing a project in groups, try to work with people you haven’t worked with before. You could get to know each other better and feel much less alone in the classroom. This is a good way to make new friends in your class.

No Question Is A Bad Question

Many people feel shy in class because they are afraid of being judged when they speak out loud. Their shyness may interfere and lead to them not asking questions when they are confused. If you have a question, you should ask it. Don’t worry about it being a silly question. There most likely is someone else that has the same question as you do. By asking your question, you will be helping yourself and possibly someone else as well.

Set Goals for Yourself

It is very difficult to overcome shyness overnight. The best way to do this is to work on it in small steps. You could set small daily goals for yourself. You could start by talking to someone new every day or raising your hand in class every couple of days. As you get comfortable you could increase your goals. Eventually, you could raise your hand in class once a day. With time and dedication, you will be able to successfully overcome your shyness.

Share Your Goals

Telling friends or even your teacher about your goals to help you overcome your shyness can be very helpful. It may be difficult for you to get the courage to go through with your plans yourself. Your friend and your teacher could help encourage you to participate and speak up in class. They will likely also praise you for your participation. This will further inspire you to achieve your shyness-related goals and others.

Overcoming shyness may not be easy for some people. It is something that takes time. As long as you put in the time and effort, you will feel more comfortable speaking up and participating in class.



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