Published on February, 2022

Tips for Starting Post-Secondary with an Undecided Major

February 1st, 2022; By Sarah Leung

It is not uncommon to start your post-secondary experience without a specific major in mind. In fact, 20-50% of all students entering post-secondary are undecided about their major. This is […]

Overcoming Shyness in the Classroom: How to Speak Up and Get More Involved

February 1st, 2022; By Linda Mendes

It is common for students to be shy in school. They may not be comfortable expressing their thoughts and ideas in class. Shy students should be encouraged to work on […]

Career Profile: Actor

February 1st, 2022; By author below

By Selina What They Do Actors express ideas, portray characters, and play parts in theatre stage, film, television, radio, video, or other settings for entertainment, information, or instruction. They interpret […]

Investing in Ontario’s Trades Future: $90 Million in Three Years to Promote OYAP to Ontario Youths

February 1st, 2022; By Meghan Brown

The trades have been one of the fastest growing employment segments for many years, and by 2025 as many as 1 in 5 Ontario jobs are anticipated to be in […]

How the climate crisis has resulted in extreme weather in BC and why urgent action is necessary

February 1st, 2022; By Susan Huebert

In 2021, British Columbia experienced some of its worst weather ever. The town of Lytton burned down, while fires burned in the province, and other areas experienced extreme heat that […]

Profiling a Career as a Psychiatrist

February 1st, 2022; By author below

By Olivia Condlln-Wilby For high school graduates, many opportunities lay ahead, including a vast assortment of degree programs and career paths. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed or even intimidated by […]

Staying Motivated during the COVID-19 Winter

February 1st, 2022; By Elora Pharai

With its grey skies, and frosty weather, winter can be a rather gloomy period for many of us. Winter comes in at an odd time of year; if you’re in […]