Yes Eye Can: Jobs That Require Great...

Yes Eye Can: Jobs That Require Great Eyesight

by Linda Mendes
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Great vision is not necessary for all jobs but some do require you to have great eyesight. Some jobs might require you to complete an eye exam before you are hired. If you are curious about which jobs require great eyesight, this article is just for you!


Having great eyesight is not necessarily required to become a photographer but it certainly is helpful. While taking pictures, it is good for the photographer to have a keen eye for detail. Good eyesight could help them take better and more professional-looking pictures.


Lifeguards must keep an eye out for danger at all times. This is why they need to have great eyesight. They have to pay attention to those who are nearby as well as those far away from them. It is best if they do not have to rely on glasses or contact lenses to see clearly in case they have to enter the water.


Along with having a steady hand, having good eyesight is also important when it comes to being a surgeon. While performing surgeries, surgeons have to pay close attention to detail. Having poor eyesight could get in the way of them successfully performing surgeries. One small mistake could put the patient’s life at risk.


Paramedics are another healthcare provider that requires good eyesight. Since they are emergency healthcare providers, they must be able to navigate through traffic as well as carefully identify any injuries their patient might have. This job requires a lot of attention to detail.


Police officers need to have good eyesight. This is because they must act fast in emergencies. They often have to drive cars and they need to see their surroundings. When necessary, police officers must be able to accurately aim their weapons at their target.


Being a firefighter requires great vision. This is because they are exposed to smoke, flames, heat, water, and darkness, and have to navigate through these conditions. They must be aware of their surroundings at all times and spot any danger or victims in need of their help.


Pilots must have great eyesight. They are responsible for flying hundreds of passengers per flight. For this reason, they must be able to see the controls in the cockpit, as well as the airway when they are flying the plane at all times of the day. They must also pay attention to exactly where they are taking off from and landing the plane.


Astronauts need to have good vision. Wearing glasses and contact lenses can cause issues. This is because astronauts spend a large amount of time in a zero-gravity state or in an area where the atmospheric pressure changes constantly.

Some of these jobs will allow you to wear glasses and contact lenses to correct your vision, and others will not. If your vision is not so great, you don’t have to let it get in the way of you having your dream job. Some procedures can help correct your vision but they must be discussed with your optometrist first.



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