4 COVID-19-Inspired Money-Saving...

4 COVID-19-Inspired Money-Saving Techniques to Carry On Post-Pandemic

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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Congratulations, we have made it! It looks like the end to the pandemic is near! Now you feel like you deserve a reward. After all, the last two years have been difficult and you’ve had to make sacrifices while kicking your patience and resilience into high gear.

Now finally you can watch your favourite band live in concert or join your best friend and spend a weekend at a fancy hotel out of town. You can now splurge on these indulgences, right? Being cooped up for a long time at home wherein making a mental list of all the things you’ve missed became a daily activity – well, that can take a toll on anyone.

Though you have all the reason to treat yourself and reclaim the life you’re meant to have pre- pandemic, remember this doesn’t give you the license to go on endless shopping sprees and empty your bank account. Think of all the money-saving techniques you’ve acquired while we were dealing with COVID-19 and put them to good use even after it’s over and done with. Doing so will benefit you in the long run. Let’s look at these four wise tips below.

  1. Go paperless.

You probably missed heading out to the bookstore to grab a paperbound or hard cover copy of bestsellers during the pandemic. There’s nothing like the smell of physical books, after all. However, like most people, you’ve likely embraced the wonders of e-books! Reading was truly a great way to keep yourself entertained during COVID, and it’s more economical to go for the digital book versions if you intend to continue with this wonderful hobby.

  1. Do more streaming.

OK, we can all agree that nothing can compare to the experience of being in a crowded theatre watching a movie where you can hear everyone’s reaction, whether they’re screams of joy or exasperation. However, during lockdown, it’s likely you signed up for multiple streaming services, and it’s great to keep them if you can. It’s still the more practical option since you only need to pay a monthly subscription. When you go to the theatre, you have to deal with the rising prices of cinema tickets and snacks. Now, this doesn’t mean you should avoid the cinema like the plague, but to save yourself some bucks, go for those ones truly worth watching on the big screen.

  1. Stick to home-cooked meals.

Now this recommendation is something you won’t welcome with open arms, but keep in mind that just because the world has opened up again doesn’t mean that you keep your wallet wide open too. If you’ve embraced the art of cooking during COVID, now’s not the time to stop. Cooking your own meals not only goes a long way to build your savings, but it’s a healthier option too! Sure, it’s enticing to head out to restaurants now that you’re free to dine in these places and they’re at full capacity, but limit yourself to maybe once a week or every two weeks.

  1. Use the spreadsheet!

When you weren’t on the go since the world was basically shut down, most likely you managed to keep track of your daily budget, and it’s smart to continue doing that. You can rely on the good ol’ Microsoft Excel or use one of the various spreadsheet apps for mobile devices. Apply what you’ve learned from your bookkeeping or economics class. Have two separate columns for what goes in and what goes out. Note each item you spend on: food, transportation, mobile and internet costs, books, and miscellaneous fees. Keep receipts so you’ll always have a point of reference.

It feels so good to be able to spend money on things we’ve been deprived of for two years, but now is not the time to throw caution to the wind. It always pays to save up and increase your spending capacity. In the end, you’ll reap greater rewards.



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