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NPower Canada and Tech Training for Young People (French version available)

by Susan Huebert
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Suppose that you wanted to get into a career in technology. You might take some courses at a university or community college, but you would still need to learn the specific skills that employers need. For many young people, tech training through NPower Canada is the answer. Through this charity, people can learn what they need to know for a good career in technology.

NPower Canada is a charitable organization first formed in 2014 in the Greater Toronto Area. By the following year, eighty-seven young people were enrolled in the program. The program grew and expanded to include Calgary, Halifax, and Vancouver by the end of 2021. These programs served 1,570 young people in those four locations, including the original program in Toronto.

Programs at NPower Canada are aimed at young people between the ages of seventeen and thirty. The idea is to give people the skills they need to compete for digital careers. For example, the programs include junior IT (information technology) analyst and junior data analyst, available in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Lethbridge, Alberta.

Programs like these ones run for fifteen weeks. During the COVID-19 pandemic, classes were held online, but in-person classes may resume in some locations. Besides the training in professional skills necessary for getting work in these fields, NPower provides contacts with some of the largest employers in Canada.

These types of connections are important for people as they look for work. Many employers receive hundreds of applications for each of their job postings, and it can be hard for job seekers to get the attention of hiring managers. With the connections that come through an organization like NPower, applicants can gain an advantage over other people looking for work.

Digital skills are very useful in many different types of work. Becoming an information technology expert is one of the more obvious career paths, but digital skills can be helpful for writers, teachers, and even factory workers. Learning how these digital skills fit in with various types of work can help students succeed in their job search.

NPower’s programs are aimed at underserved young people who might otherwise not have the opportunities for gaining the digital skills necessary for getting good jobs. People from wealthy families might have their own connections for finding work, or they can at least pay for the university or other training programs that can get them into good jobs in the future. For people without these opportunities, however, being able to get a start through NPower is a good chance to learn the skills necessary for succeeding in the working world.

Over the past two years, studying online has become a way for people to deal with the dangers of COVID-19 while working to expand the range of their work. For people with few computer skills, however, learning online can be a challenge. When in-person classes resume, many students may wish to choose that option. Whether in person or online, the programs at NPower can help young people to prepare for work using the digital skills they need for the future.



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