Staying at Home Sucks! How to Make the...

Staying at Home Sucks! How to Make the Best of Your At-Home Learning Situation (French version available)

by Tiffany Chang
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Obviously, with COVID-19, people have gone into isolation to stay safe. Whether it’s work or leisure activities, many things we’d normally do outside are, for the time being, done at home.

Students in particular have been greatly impacted as a part of their everyday lives that normally occurs in a room amongst peers, is now located on their kitchen table, bedroom desk, etc., and done alone.

Overall, this long-term learning situation might be very unpleasant for some, so here’s a few words of advice applying to those who do not enjoy at-home learning.

It’s All about Perspective

Constantly being surrounded by the monotony of home while also undertaking school-related tasks can seem like a situation one would dread. However, it’s about how you look at these things. Rather than focusing on the negative, attempt a gratitude-based approach.

For instance, you could continue saying to yourself: “I’m so sick of learning at home” or “I’m grateful that I’m able to learn in the comfort and safety of my own home.”

Actively changing your internal dialogue can act as a powerful tool to help turn your mentality around. It requires more conscious thinking, which implies additional effort on your part but may make differences in the way you perceive day-to-day life.

Of course, everybody has good days and bad days. It’s understandably difficult to maintain positivity when the world is in the state that it’s currently in. Nonetheless, try to remain positive and put your best foot forward as each day comes.

Create an At-Home Study/Homework Completion Routine That Works for You

If you haven’t done so, this could optimize your time. Creating a new routine (or improving an existing one) might help you progress through the day more efficiently. A great example would be students who have a longer commute to get to school. Now that your regular commute is paused, you could take that time you’d usually designate for travel and get more work done.

Figure out how to utilize the time that staying at home is allowing to your advantage.

Take a Healthy Amount of Breaks

Burnouts are absolutely real. When needed, take breaks, and engage with things that will help you relax (this is also where a routine could come in handy). Don’t hesitate to take a short walk, nap, eat a snack, or listen to some music. There’s a good chance these will help you feel more refreshed and boost your energy, so going back to what you were doing might seem less daunting. If you don’t have the time to do what’s stated above, even standing up, stretching, and leaving the room you’re working in for a few minutes can reinvigorate you.

Staying at home clearly isn’t the ideal circumstance regarding school. With students staring at screens for long periods of time and not being able to see certain people, it can be lonely. But if you have the desire to stay productive despite these trying times and are considering the options in this article, you’re already on your way to making the best of your at-home learning situation.

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