The APTN Scholarship Program for...

The APTN Scholarship Program for Aboriginal Media Makers

by Anthony Teles
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Canada has a strong media landscape filled with different careers. Landing those opportunities requires a delicate combination of talent, networking, and timing. Enrolling in a college or university program for journalism, film, or television can help you develop your skills, meet the right people, and be ready for when opportunities arise. For First Nation, Inuit, Or Metis Canadians, one of the ways you can make this happen is through the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Scholarship Program.

Two scholarships, each worth $2,000, are handled out annually to qualified Aboriginal applicants. You must be attending or going to attend a full-time college or university program that is at least two years in length. A minimum grade average of 65% is required. The program seeks candidates that are actively engaged in the Aboriginal community. This ties into the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network’s dedication to developing professionals in that community and enriching their lives. The money can make a crucial difference and allow talented individuals to cover the tuition and living costs associated with post-secondary life.

In 2017, the scholarships were awarded to Jamie Malbeuf of Alberta and Trevor Green of Ontario. Jamie is a member of the Raizenne Metis family. At the time of receiving the grant, she was working on her Bachelor of Communications and majoring in Journalism. The money has allowed her to devote greater time to her studies and to work towards her goal of becoming a news anchor sharing important stories of Indigenous Peoples. Trevor’s parents are from the Cowichan Tribes and Dog River First Nations. His studies at Ryerson University are in journalism and public relations. He is concentrating on business reporting, and wants to look at issues such as finance and health from an Indigenous perspective. In 2016, Adeline Gladue, from the Yukon Territory and Alberta with a Southern Tutchone and Cree background, and Savannah Kelly, from Manitoba with a Metis background, won the scholarships. The program has offered life changing help to students of many backgrounds all across the country.

If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, you must provide a copy of your resume, transcripts, and proof that you are either enrolled or accepted in a full-time program at a Canadian school. Furthermore, two recommendation letters from teachers or employers are needed. Finally, you must prepare a one-page essay that details your goals, how the scholarship can help you, and your involvement in your community. All selected finalists are interviewed to determine who will ultimately receive the funds. The application process is not overly demanding, and therefore it is a good idea to apply even if you are on the fence about doing so.

The media industry is challenging, competitive, and endlessly rewarding. It is important to continue developing your skills, meeting new people in the field, and hunting for opportunities. The Aboriginal People’s Television Network scholarship program is a fantastic way to ensure you can attain the schooling needed to achieve your goals. If it sounds like the ideal opportunity for your situation, start working on your resume and cover letter to be ready for the announcement of the next scholarships to be offered in the springtime.


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