Tips for Making New Friends This School...

Tips for Making New Friends This School Year if You’re in a Class without Your Old Ones

by Tiffany Chang
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A highlight of being a student is becoming friends with your fellow students, especially when you’re in the same grade. It makes academic life more fun, interesting, and fulfilling. A huge part of this is getting to spend time with these friends while you are classmates. However, as you know, you usually have no control over where you’ll end up and there’s always a chance that you won’t be in the same class as them every school year.

If this is what you’re experiencing and have found yourself in a class without your old friends (or your friends have moved), here are some tips on how to make new ones:

Introduce Yourself to or Initiate Conversations with Your Classmates

This can be intimidating, especially if you’re primarily an introvert. Nonetheless, putting yourself out there is one of the most effective ways to make friends. It can also apply to those who you do know, but don’t know very well. If you’ve never thought of speaking with them before, why not try now? Of course, this approach most likely won’t work out every single time (your conversations with certain classmates grow stale, engaging with them becomes awkward, you just weren’t meant to be friends, etc.) but at least you’ve made the effort to do so.

One of the most important things involving this strategy is that you refuse to give up easily even if your first few attempts don’t result in a new friend(s). It’s better to take chances than not try at all.

Keep In Mind That Friendships Can Form without Much (Or Any!) Effort or Intention

Many friendships happen when you least expect them. This can occur during situations such as discussions or other collaborative activities in class. Rather than trying as hard as you can to be friends with specific people/those you think you might have a lot in common with, it’s encouraged to keep an open mind about generally making connections with those around you. Surprises happen and maybe you’ll make a genuine connection with someone who you never thought would be your friend.

Join Clubs/Extracurriculars Offered at Your School if You’re Having Difficulties Making Friends in Class

If you’re having difficulties making new friends in your class, but still want to make new friends in general, try joining clubs/extracurriculars offered at school. You’ll arguably increase your likelihood of doing so because people often connect over something they share an interest in or passion for. In these circumstances, you could even make friends with those who aren’t in your grade as well because said activities usually have varied age ranges.

Though, like your old friends, you won’t be able to see some of them during class time, this is a good option for creating a more enhanced social life while also possessing the benefit of being able to do something you enjoy.

Overall, the tips above significantly heighten your chances of making friends. If you adopt these suggestions and remain optimistic along the way, you’re on the right track to having new friends during this school year.

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