Welcome back!

Welcome back!

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I hope you all had a wonderful summer and a great start to the new school year. Changes are challenging in every form — whether it be summer to fall, virtual to in-person, or high school to post-secondary. But with these challenges come opportunities to grow, learn, and better ourselves. You’ve got this!

Not only is JPD back with more articles, but we’re also expanding our content this year. We’re adding video interviews conducted by our writers with professionals across Canada. You’ll get insights on how they got to where they are, what their days are like, and how technologies and the pandemic have changed their work. There’ll also be audio interviews in the form of podcasts that will go more in-depth. Stay tuned!

With the chill in the air comes the Halloween spirit. This month, learn about how that tradition has changed over the years and has been embraced by the LGBTQ+ community. If you’re having trouble getting into the festive spirit because the semester has gotten off to a bad start, we have advice on how to turn things around. Want to make some positive changes this school year? Check out some ways to set up good habits.

I want to give a big shoutout to our fantastic team of writers for this issue: Meghan Brown, Tiffany Chang, Susan Huebert, Sarah Leung, Linda Mendes, Elora Pharai, Maryam Sheikh, Julia Skoczypiec, and Bhargavi Venkataraman.

Anthony Teles
Vice-President, Content

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