2022 in Review for Rabia

2022 in Review for Rabia

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By Rabia Khan

2022 was a hard-hitting year not just for me but all of us who survived the pandemic. Nevertheless, it has been a good year. There is so much to be thankful for despite all that has been going on worldwide, for instance, the war in Ukraine. A lot of things went down. Politically the world is still not a better place to be, but hope rises eternally in a despondent heart.

I can only be grateful to have a roof over my head, a warm bed and hot meals, clean drinking water, and a good bath whenever I feel like it. I still see people wearing masks but I can’t be bothered. There are times when I have become so comfortable with this new normal.

I still think people have not come to terms with what affected them over the past two years. They are still struggling and stumbling along the way. I guess that is the power of the human spirit. Obstacles do not have to hinder us.

People want to try harder and make it work. That’s the change I have seen in people over the past year. Personal growth is something that happens when you partake of other people’s anguish. It’s your experience as well and helps you put life in perspective.

But sadly, homelessness has increased. I see it everywhere, in big cities, and it’s a crying shame. It cannot be helped because sometimes I think people in these dire situations do not want to help themselves. Maybe along the way their willpower has taken a hit.

What I see and feel is a part of me. It affects me as a person and as a human being it tears me apart. I am minuscule in this sea of humanity and all I can ever do is look after myself. Keeping a smile and a little wisdom, and not acting impulsively, has taken me a long way from being this indecisive person to a person that feels no more scared of life and where it’s taking her.

Do the best you can under all circumstances irrespective of how uncomfortable you are. When I lay my head down to sleep I want to sleep peacefully with a good conscience. I wish the same for all people. The ways I have grown over the past two years has been immensely beneficial and rewarding. I think it pays to be patient. I hope that people all over the globe begin to think in this positive way. It may not get you exactly what you want, but it may alleviate your hurt and disappointment.

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