A Chance to Reflect

A Chance to Reflect

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Well, here we are. This is the last month of 2022, 2023 is coming at us fast, and we’re still doing our best to process how much has happened in the last few years. As things wind down in December during the holiday season, we get a chance to take a breather and reflect. Make sure to take that time for yourself. Think about not only the challenges you’ve faced, but also how much you’ve overcome, and how you have grown this past year.

While you’re resting, partying, and over-eating, check out some of the latest articles from our writers. Have a look at tips for going vegetarian, the pros and cons of having a sole-proprietorship, and new career profiles including educational assistants and network cabling specialists.

We are also introducing video interviews and audio podcasts featuring different Canadian professionals talking about their jobs and the social causes that matter most to them. Check out our podcast and stay tuned for future episodes.

Until next year, everyone at JPD wishes you a happy holiday season!

Anthony Teles, Vice-President

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