Check out our new interviews with...

Check out our new interviews with Canadian professionals!

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We hope you’re having a great December and enjoying the holiday season. As the year and school semester wind down, check out the first videos in our series of interviews with Canadian professionals.

JPD writers Julia Skoczypiec, Mara Hurst, and Susan Huebert interviewed workers in different fields to discuss their jobs, education, and how technology and the pandemic have affected their work. Our initial interviews are with technical writer Giselle Mazurat, catering entrepreneur Mauro Ritacca, and children’s media development producer Brandon Lane.

Check out the new videos below!

Many more interviews are to come in 2023. For even more conversations between our writers and Canadian professionals, check out JPD’s new podcast. The podcast will feature less formal chats discussing social issues and activist causes of the profesionals we’ve interviewed.

All of us here at Jobs People Do wish you Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!

Anthony Teles, Vice-President

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