Fun science experiments to try at home

Fun science experiments to try at home

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By Rabia Khan

Life is full of surprises and science can be mind-boggling at times. We were also forced to try different things during the pandemic, watching YouTube videos and learning uncanny things. We know that science, physics, and chemistry are a part of society and our world, but don’t always know how.  If you’re ever bored at home, you don’t need to worry as there are a string of experiments that you can do in the confines of your humble space. Here is the list of fun stuff to try at home.

Lemon juice can work wonders!

Lemon juice can be used at home to make invisible ink. It can only be seen when it’s held up to a source of heat. For this experiment a piece of paper is needed, as well as a swab of cotton and a heat source like a lamp or electric stove, and lemon or milk.

Squeeze lemon juice into a glass. It can be diluted with a little bit of water. A piece of cotton is dipped into the milk or lemon juice, then on a paper sheet start writing your message. Wait for it to dry before holding it over a heat source.  As the milk or lemon heats up, it will oxidize and turn brown. This experiment can also be done with vinegar, homer, or orange juice.

Rainbow in a glass

When sugar is added to a liquid, the solution tends to become dense. The more sugar, the denser the solution. Different solutions of different colours, densities, and colours will layer on top of each other. You just need to be careful about certain things like not spilling your rainbow on the carpet so it’s discoloured.

Gooey slime all the way

Slime is gooey and so calming to our souls. Borax added to a mixture of glue, water, and a dash of food colouring makes for a good slime. Polyvinyl acetate is present in glue. It is a liquid polymer. The molecules of polyvinyl acetate and Borax stick or attach creating a polymer slime.

Pasta rocket

A hybrid rocket engine can be made using yeast, hydrogen peroxide, a jar, fire, and uncooked pasta. Yeast and hydrogen peroxide when mixed together react to create pure oxygen gas. When the gas is funnelled through a piece of uncooked pasta and a bit of fire to push it through, we’ve got ourselves a pasta rocket!

Homemade lava lamp

The remedy for heartburn or upset stomach is Alka-Seltzer. It can also be used to create homemade lava lamps. When oil and water are mixed, the water sinks to the bottom because of the different densities and polarities of oil and water. An Alka-Seltzer tablet that has been put into water causes droplets of water to rise to the top where they go “Pop! Pop!” This releases air, and then they sink to the bottom.

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