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Suggestions for Making the Most of Your Winter Break (French version available)

by Tiffany Chang
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Winter break is something many students (and teachers/instructors) look forward to after a stressful semester/first three months of the school year. People also get excited about celebrating occasions including Christmas, New Year’s, as well as others that normally happen during this time. While these are great sources of enjoyment, there are also more ways to optimize the holidays.

Here’s some advice on how to make the most of your winter break:

Engage with Anything that Involves Self-Care

People are often burnt out by the time winter break rolls around, especially when you’re a university student. This is why it’s definitely important to take care of yourself and recharge before school starts up again in January. Do anything that will help you relax. A good option (if you celebrate Christmas) is watching your favourite holiday movies/TV shows as well as some you’ve never seen before. These could also help get you into the Christmas spirit.

Self-care also means avoiding things that are stress-inducing. Though the holidays can be a fun time, this may involve a lot of preparation and planning for events, gift-shopping, decorating, etc. which many find quite draining. Therefore, don’t hesitate to rest whenever you see fit. For example, say someone invites you to attend something and you don’t feel like doing so/are just too tired, politely decline. If this person knows you or is considerate, they’ll understand. Those who consider themselves “people pleasers” would likely find this difficult, but everyone should prioritize their own well-being.

Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

Spend quality time with loved ones over the break. Many do so during family gatherings, including Christmas dinner(s). This is referring to friends as well. You could go somewhere (while staying safe) that your family members/friend group(s) have wanted to try but haven’t yet. If you prefer to stay in, holiday-themed games such as “Secret Santa” and “White Elephant” or playing various board games are great ways to bring people together.

Continue with a Hobby (Or Take Up Other Ones)

Now that you have some free time, do things you love. Are there any hobbies you miss doing or ones you’ve considered trying? Do you have a personal project in the works you’ve temporarily abandoned because other things took priority?

Try Re-Connecting with Family Members/Old Friends

It’s common for people to lose touch with each other for long periods of time, especially when both/all parties have busy schedules. As the holidays are often associated with coming together, consider contacting a person you haven’t seen in a while. Is there someone who you’ve missed or would like to see again? Continuing these relationships with people could contribute to a more enhanced and fulfilling social life.

Overall, winter break is a great time to participate in a special occasion and create new memories. Though fun, the holidays could also be used for checking in with yourself and seeing what you need, whether it’s time on your own or ensuring that you get more rest. If you take the advice above, you’ll likely make the most of your winter break.

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