The biodiversity crisis and climate...

The biodiversity crisis and climate change

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By Rabia Kahn

Nobody can run away from the climate. It is indeed a crisis that everyone is affected by, and that means all of humanity. Pollution, a spiralling population, and wars contribute to the planet’s mass extinction of many, many known and unknown, and unexplored species of plant life and animal life. Climate change has hit hard on biodiversity.

Forest fires have increased, and storms, typhoons, hurricanes, and droughts have wrecked immense damage to this beautiful Mother Earth. And we cannot forget poaching too. Animals and birds have also lost their homes to deforestation. These species are facing extinction. Our ecosystem is being destroyed and destabilized because of irresponsible human activities.

Civilization is at risk because humans have not learned to coexist with nature. We have been overusing our natural resources. The seas and oceans have taken the brunt of experiments that have most often been carried out illegally by powerful factors that control the world economy.

The future may seem dark because our natural sources of nutrients are being destroyed. Nature in many ways regulates the necessities of humanity, like drinking water, and the harvesting of healthy crops; all these things are now becoming luxuries and may soon disappear forever if we do not take heed of the way we humans are treating our natural resources. Our environment is crying for attention.

We have to fight for our nature to be pure and clean. Ultimately nature will help our survival. We can survive on love and fresh air, can’t we?  But this love has to be channeled into integrating and implementing surefire tactics to keep our environment safe and unpolluted.

Many countries all over the world have banned plastic, which is a great step forward. We need to recycle more, we need to protect our birds and bees, trees and forests, and use our water systems more efficiently.

Governments of all countries need to come together and tackle this issue. It’s not one person’s job and it is not one country’s responsibility. It is the responsibility of each one of us as citizens, and as children of the soil to protect, defend, and preserve our land.

This crisis is critical and has put a strain on the economy of our world. Rising prices of almost everything has frustrated the common person. I believe we all need to take a stand in safeguarding what is important to our well-being.

Let’s help our communities by looking after our ecosystem. Otherwise, biodiversity which is so essential for life on our blue planet is simply going to crumble.

Our physical and mental health depends on our biodiversity. Let’s begin to question what is wrong with what we are doing and what hampers this environment from being healthy, and take the right approach to combat climate change and biodiversity loss. Every person, every individual, can make a difference and that is the joy of looking after our earth.

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