Trades You Didn’t Know Were...

Trades You Didn’t Know Were Trades (French version available)

by Susan Huebert
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If you had to name a trade, you would likely think of something like an electrician or a plumber. These are some of the jobs that people traditionally associate with the idea of a trade. However, the trades include some jobs that you might never have thought were trades. Working in these unusual trades can be a very good choice for you.

Once every month or two, or even more often, most people get their hair cut. They might also get it coloured, permed, straightened, or braided. Unless they have a family member who can do all of this, they likely go to a hairstylist or a barber. Hairstyling is a trade that involves a variety of haircare techniques to keep people’s hair neat and healthy. Some hairstylists might choose to specialize in one or two aspects of the work, such as putting a customer’s hair into tiny braids that can last weeks or longer. Others might decide to do whatever work comes their way.

Hairstyling involves research and study to stay current. Popular hairstyles, as well as new ways of dealing with very dry or very straight hair can be part of what people need to know. Even after qualifying as a hairstylist, people in this trade need to keep on learning more about their tasks. Hairstyling is a Red Seal trade, and so people who choose this job need to have a certain amount of knowledge before they start to work.

Landscape gardening is another trade in the Red Seal program. People in this trade work in parks, golf courses, landscape companies, plant nurseries, and garden centres. They grow a variety of plants that and help plan their best possible arrangement. They have to know where plants grow best and how to take care of them. If a customer wanted a bush for a yard that faces north, for example, landscape gardeners would need to know which plants can grow well with the amount of sunlight that they would receive.

Knowing about climate, soil, and other aspects of growth is important for landscape gardeners. Although plants and soil are unlikely to change much over time, there may be new techniques for dealing with sandy soil or areas with a lot of clay. Consulting colleagues and reading the latest research can help landscape gardeners understand their trade better.

A third unusual trade is working as a cook. People in this trade can work in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, and many other places where people need a large amount of food. Cooks might specialize in gourmet cooking for expensive restaurants or even hot dog stands. They can work as caterers for events like weddings and conferences or even occasionally work for a wealthy family.

Many tasks might be part of the work of a cook. Supervising other staff, estimating costs, ordering supplies, and planning menus can all be part of the work that a cook does. Knowing how to handle food safely is important since people can become very sick from spoiled food.

If you would like to work in a trade but the traditional ones are not what you want, one of these trades might be right for you. Why not check them out?



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