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Comfortable on My Own: Jobs for Introverts

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By Rabia Khan

Introverts prefer jobs that suit their personality traits — there’s no doubt about that! Every profession and workplace requires introverts to possess a wide range of skills. There is a wide range of emotions we can experience, from high anxiety to social aversion, and feeding your ‘introverted’ soul is not easy. What if I told you, as an introvert, you can work from the confines of your home? That’s right, here are some useful jobs you can do if you identify as an introvert! 

  1. Software Developer

Working as a software developer is an ideal choice for any introvert. Thinking inward produces the chemical acetylcholine, which is beneficial for introverts. This is why the majority of introverts are required to work independently. The bonus of this job is the good annual salary.

  1. Architect

Introverted personalities may find architecture a rewarding career path. As an architect, introverts can even turn into ambiverts (halfway between introvert and extravert). Most architects’ schedules are spent independently planning and executing landscapes and larger-than-life structures, along with cold-calling and seeing clients.

  1. Psychologist

Introverts make excellent psychologists and therapists because they prefer listening rather than talking. For this work, introverts should be comfortable guiding or counseling people in a physical setting. 

  1. Photographer

Introverts are in fact well equipped to adapt their skills to street photography. It is due to their unparalleled ability of introverts to quietly absorb many extraordinary details that can make them good street photographers.

  1. Graphic Designer

There’s no doubt, many creative people are introverts. One of the best jobs for introverts is graphic designer, who communicate ideas through design. An introvert who enjoys creativity might find this job profile attractive, as it is one of the most competitive and rewarding.

  1. Social Media Marketing Manager

If you’re a homebody, being an introvert makes you quickly addicted to the internet. Introverts will appreciate the remote job of managing social media. One can manage content for influencers or brands.

  1. Digital Marketer

Since introverts enjoy working from home, a digital marketing role requires curating data as opposed to face-to-face communication. There’s less talking and more working on data execution. A digital marketing role is likely to exhibit several particularly valuable traits to introverts.

  1. Video Editor

Video editing is a fun and exciting job for introverts. A producer of a project will often collaborate with an editor. This is another aspect in which introverts benefit from establishing strong professional relationships. The editing process also involves a lot of time on the editor’s own.

  1. Content Writing

Content writers often remain in the know! If you love working from home and have a hardcore passion for word ideation, content creation or content writing is an ideal profession for you! There are plenty of jobs available for introverts.

  1. Customer Service

Introverts have immense benefits when opting for customer service agent roles that require them to work from home. Ever wonder about sitting at home and chatting behind the screens with customers? Solving their issues promptly can help you earn tons of money.

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